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Silverware Basket assembly with handle, three flip-top compartments

Dishwasher Cutlery Silverware Basket


  • Helps prevent scratching of delicate silverware
  • Can be separated into 3 individual baskets
  • Adaptable for upper & lower racks


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The Ideal Accessory For Your Cherished Silverware

The Ideal Accessory For Your Cherished Silverware

Our versatile silverware basket features multiple separators to help prevent the scratching and tarnishing of your most important cutlery. The basket can be separated into three individual units by simply unlocking the tabs above the left and right sides to separate. The cutlery baskets can be positioned on the upper and lower racks. If you only have a small load of cutlery, the extra baskets can be removed leaving move space for other plates.


  • For best cleaning results, use the top separators in the basket when loading utensils. The separators will prevent nesting of silverware.
  • Load sharp items, such as knives, pointing down to reduce risk of injury.
  • When unloading the dishwasher, it is best to start with the silverware basket. Doing so will prevent water droplets from falling on your silverware from the upper rack.
  • Heavily soiled utensils or items with baked on foods should be placed in the middle rack or spoon basket for best performance.

Cutlery Basket 5005DD1001A Compatibility:

This silverware cutlery basket is compatible with the following LG dishwasher models. Please refer to your dishwasher's owner's manual to ensure compatibility.

  • LD-6090BB
  • LD-6090TB
  • LD-6090WB
  • LD-6100BB
  • LD-6100TB
  • LD-6100WB
  • LD-6105BB
  • LD-6105TB
  • LD-6105TB
  • LD-6105WB
  • LDF6810BB
  • LDF6810ST
  • LDF6810WW
  • LDF6920BB
  • LDF6920ST
  • LDF6920WW
  • LDF7810BB
  • LDF7810ST
  • LDF7810WW
  • LDF7811BB
  • LDF7811ST
  • LDF7811WW
  • LDF7932BB
  • LDF7932ST
  • LDF7932WW
  • LDF8812ST
  • LDF9932ST
  • LDS4821BB
  • LDS4821ST
  • LDS4821WW
  • LDS5811BB
  • LDS5811ST
  • LDS5811WW
  • LSDF795ST
  • LSDF995ST
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Design, features and specifications subject to change without notice.

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