LG advanced technology.
Quicker, cleaner, easier.

From the convenience of our Door-in-Door™ refrigerator to the carefree sparkle of LG TrueSteam™ dishwashers, LG Studio appliances showcase our finest, peak-performance features. Experience the precision of LG 4-Mode Convection Cooking. Find the perfect family-pleasing recipes on your wall oven touch screen. Innovation is always on the menu at LG Studio.


Keep your cool for years to come with advanced freshness features, plus the storage capacity to handle your most ambitious shopping trips. Every Studio refrigerator model is backed by LG’s 10-Year Limited Warranty on its Linear Compressor. Enjoy the additional peace of mind that comes with a 2-Year Parts & Labor Warranty, exclusive to the Studio collection.


You want it...you've got it! The innovative door within a door feature makes it easier than ever to access your favorite foods and snacks without opening the entire refrigerator. It's the ultimate organizer that puts everything within reach. And you can conserve energy, since more cool air remains inside.

Extra Large Capacity

More space = fewer trips to the market. LG Studio refrigerators offer the perfect formula for convenience. Our 26.5 cu. ft. built-in model is the largest capacity side-by–side in the 42” class*. And all of our 3-door and 4-door Studio models make the most of their generous capacity thanks to LG's Slim SpacePlus™ Ice System. Ice and water dispensers are ingeniously contained within the freezer door, freeing up shelf space for additional storage.

Very accommodating.

Our 42” built-in side-by-side refrigerator is designed for exceptional storage flexibility. You’ll never think twice about where to put your favorite wine, bottled water and the largest beverage containers, thanks to movable door bins that slide up and down with minimal effort. An oversized welcome is also yours with our 9.2” tall water and ice dispenser, the tallest among all 42” refrigerators**. It’s pitcher perfect in every way.
*Largest in total capacity based on manufacturers' published specifications as of May 2013. Model LSSB2791ST.
**Tallest in height based on manufacturers' published specifications as of May 2013. Model LSSB2791ST.

Ranges, Wall Ovens,
Cooktops & Microwaves

Whether you’re preparing a holiday feast or reheating yesterday’s Lasagna alle Verdure, you need appliances that are responsive to every cooking requirement. LG Studio ranges, wall ovens, cooktops and microwaves offer a stellar combination of performance, versatility and exceptional design, all backed by a 2-Year Parts & Labor Limited Warranty that’s exclusive to the Studio collection.

Power and precision.

Are you familiar with induction cooking? It's a powerful and precise version of electric heating that targets heat directly to a metal cooking vessel. Induction cooking is faster and more energy efficient than traditional electric heating. Our UltraHeat™ gas burner is another way that LG turns up the heat. Tap up to 19,000 BTUs of professional-grade cooking power...or turn down low for the gentlest simmering.

4-Mode Convection Oven

LG's exclusive 4-Mode Convection System delivers the ideal temperature and airflow for faster preheating and more uniform cooking. Prepare meals to your exact specifications thanks to four convection options: Convection Bake, Roast, Crisp and Healthier Roast.

Recipes at a glance.

Looking for meal-planning inspiration? Look no further than our Gourmet Recipe Bank, a tempting array of recipes waiting to be accessed on the 6.3” LCD touch screen on every LG Studio wall oven. Cook your way through 100 delectable suggestions, organized in 10 categories for your convenience. We've included step-by-step instructions and 42 pre-programmed auto-cook selections. LG makes it so easy to cook like a pro.


Behind the sleek exterior of your LG Studio dishwasher is a powerful appliance engineered to conquer the messiest loads. TrueSteam™ technology virtually eliminates the need for pre-scrubbing. While LG’s 10-Year Limited Limited Warranty on its Direct Drive Motor and a 2-Year Parts & Labor Warranty ensure a future of sparkling clean dishes.


Scrubbing pots and pans before you turn on the dishwasher takes the pleasure out of any meal. LG TrueSteam™ uses a real steam generator to deliver powerful dishwashing performance, no matter how messy the cookware. It virtually eliminates the need for pre-scrubbing. And on those occasions when the dinner table is set with your finest china and stemware, you've got the pampering touch of LG's SteamDelicate™ cycle.

LoDecibel™ quiet.

At just 42dB, this is one of the quietest dishwashers in its class. LG's Inverter Direct Drive Motor and advanced filtration system keep noise to the minimum and sparkle to the max. It's clean you can really see. And quiet everyone appreciates.

Flexible racks for easy loading.

Your LG Studio dishwasher makes room for oversized cookware, while making sure that the tiniest demitasse spoons won't get lost in the shuffle. Simply adjust the EasyRack™ Plus middle rack to accommodate the grimiest grand-scale pots and pans down below. The height adjustable 3rd rack gives you more space to fit everything from long flatware to small espresso cups. Room for everything. How fitting!