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Canister Vacuums

LG’s light weight canister vacuums are easy to use and perfect for those hard to reach places. The LG canister vacuum is loaded with a variety of tools and features designed to do your dirty work and dispose of the dirt with ease. Learn More

LG canister vacuum cleaners may include the following features:

Auto or Power Nozzle: Canister vacuums with an auto nozzle automatically adjust to fit your cleaning surface. Power nozzles offer additional cleaning power with a continually rotating brush that helps remove more dirt.

DualForce™ Suction: Canister Vacuums Pick up dirt from both sides and center section to capture dust and debris over wider surface areas.

EasyMoving™ Wheel: Enables smooth sliding of your canister vacuum cleaner for a better cleaning experience.

HEPA Filter: LG canister vacuums with a HEPA filter capture dust mites, pollen, and other common household allergens for a thorough cleaning.

Kompressor® Dust Compression System: LG canister vacuums use a unique wiper blade and bagless bin to store up to three times more dust.

Pet Hair Turbine Tool: Canister vacuums with the Pet Hair Turbine Tool feature air turbine powered brushes which remove pet hair embedded in furniture and carpets.

Retractable or Auto Rewind Cord: At 21 feet, LG canister vacuums have the longest retractable cord around, while our auto rewind cord is 18.7 feet in length.

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