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Heart Rate Monitor Earphone*

LG HRM Earphone (FR74)



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Rated 3.3 out of 5 by 7 reviewers.
Rated 4 out of 5 by Very accurate for heart rate, but app needs work The Good: 1. HRM is very accurate and convenient -- The earbud has a PerformTek sensor in it, which is proven to accurately measures heart rate continuously during intense exercise. The manual shows that you need to use the right ear gels to make the heart rate very accurate, but several gels worked well for me. Just being able to use earbuds instead of a chest strap is quite nice. 2. Nice audio feedback and heart rate zone features, and the audio quality is pretty good. 3. The dongle has a very easy-to-use control button and changes color depending on your heart rate zone. The Bad: 1. It took me a long time to login to the app. Starting the app for the first time may be annoying for some. 2. Unlike some Bluetooth heart rate monitors, the LG device does not work with leading fitness apps but only works with LG's app, which needs work. There are a number of bugs, some of which I see are getting fixed by LG with new app releases. 3. This is a Bluetooth headset, but it has a long wire coming down to a dongle. All-in-all, if you want an accurate continuous heart rate monitor + audio headset that doesn't require a chest strap, this is a good buy. But the app has bugs when it comes to many other features. June 17, 2014
Rated 3 out of 5 by bummer because it has serious potential I'm so bummed because I really wanted to like this product after reading the early reviews about it back in January on Engadget and other places. Finally, I thought, a good alternative to strap based HRMs, but after a week and 30+ miles running, the heart rate monitor is a disappointment.. Serious potential for sure but the product should have stayed in beta testing for longer. the equipment: LG HRM headphones, IPhone 4s with up-to-date OS, but NOT the lifeband... this is strictly about the earbuds + iPhone app. about me: running 30-40 miles a week mostly outdoors 1)out of the box: easy! The unit was nearly fully charged and downloading the app then pairing the two was simple. A few easy steps and one can be out the door quickly with the unit fully functioning. 2)speaker quality: meh. You will be disappointed if you are buying the headset for its sound quality. Both music and phone calls sound only marginally better than the stock earbuds that come with an iPhone or other apple products. These things are light-years away (not in a good way) from my old Bose IE2's. 3)putting on / taking off: nothing to add here. see previous reviews 4)HRM: its very accurate, I have to concede this point. For my first run I dusted off the old (hated and uncomfortable) Garmin to compare side by side. The LG seemed more sensitive and accurate than the Garmin to changes in my exertion levels. I loved that a light tap on the Bluetooth unit told me exactly what HR and HR zone i was in. In addition through the settings the unit was regularly provides updates at fixed time and distance intervals. 5)the App: (spoiler alert: if you LOVE LG stop reading here). The app stinks on two main levels: its GPS is highly inaccurate and the thing mysteriously shuts off between 25-45 mins of use despite good Bluetooth signals and battery life. on the GPS: According to the unit my first mile was at near Usain Bolt type speeds. At the time I thought "Ok, maybe its because of the excitement and newness of this that I'm running harder" unfortunately though a quick check of map and I saw that the trip from my front door to the road was nearly 1/2 a mile. Now I've walked out my front door a lot of times and always thought it to be somewhere around 100 feet to the road, but LG was telling me it was actually 1/2 mile! You can appreciate my astonishment at this new found speed... watch out Boston, New York and Olympics... Unfortunately a check of my other apps confirmed that the distance is just 100 feet. 5 runs and 30 miles later, the mis-matched GPS signals proved to be a regular occurrence. Weak. LG should be able to do better, but I recognized mapping skills aren't a priority when one is used to making refrigerators; they don't move as often. the random stoppages: Setting a target distance or time proved frustrating because the unit would randomly turn off at odd times between 25 and 45 minutes. Its very frustrating. The music continued to play but the app shows a completed workout. The first time it happened I took the blame and wrote it off to some accidental press of a button or something but this happened during every run sometimes more than once. odds and ends: There are things LG can do to tweak the app in order to increase the functionality like allowing users to customize HR zones, but I won't waste anyone's time with those ideas here on this forum because it would be a little like rearranging the deck chairs on board the Titanic. Bottom line: tons of promise but the buggy software overwhelms the potential. June 16, 2014
Rated 4 out of 5 by Pretty Good Solution I have always loved monitoring just how stressed I get the ticker going when I am running. Before this came out, I had two Polar HRM's that both worked really well (one was a first generation and the other was a HM7 if it matters). Then I saw these. They looked awesome. You mean I can listen to music and they can listen to my heart through my ears? Say it's not so! I can confirm that they indeed do just that! Plug 'em into your ears and after starting the workout from the LG app, they can monitor your heart rate (and the app will speak it to you if you ask kindly). OK, so why is there only four stars on this review? The buds themselves can be a bit painful every so often when running. Part of this comes from the fact that they isolate you so well (watch out for street running), and part of it comes from how it reads your pulse. To be honest, I don't find it painful enough to say that I'm never going to use them. Right now, the only advantage that I see that Polar has over these is that the strap is a tad bit less painful on the ears and the wallet. June 7, 2014
Rated 1 out of 5 Doesn't Work - No Support First off, let me say that I was VERY excited about this product. I've been scanning the website for months waiting for the release date. An accurate HRM that doesn't require a strap? Say it ain't so! You can imagine my disappointment when I took it out for a first run and found that it loses signal as soon as I started moving--even at a brisk walk. The readings it does give are erratically high, and I ended up with an absurdly overestimated calorie, distance, and heart rate record at the end. The best part? LG does not offer support for this product. I wasted time arguing with TWO separate customer service staff members about whether these things were even real. This doesn't bode well for being tied in to LG's fitness ecosystem. Bottom line: This one isn't it, people. June 5, 2014
Rated 4 out of 5 by Two great products in one! I can't reflect on battery life at this point, because I haven't used them more than a handful of times and it's still going strong, but they are convenient to use. Having bluetooth headphones and not needing to worry about having a chest strap or carrying phone since there isn't an arm band for it yet. Thanks to the adjustable sizing, they fit nicely. I've worn them once with my Polar HR monitor (which I didn't sync to my LG software) and it was right on target. It was nice hearing the announcement of my HR so I could stay in a specific zone for training. May 23, 2014
Rated 3 out of 5 by Neat idea, imperfectly applied I was excited to use this new method for tracking pulse. I find the chest band to be a pain and uncomfortable so I was hoping this would be a great new option. I will say that it does do a good of measuring your pulse and oxygen, but it has some drawbacks. First the app appears to force you to sign into the web. That worked where I tested it, but I like to hike in places that do not always have coverage. It shouldn't require you to be online. It also made me sign in several times. I also didn't love the ear pieces. They fit okay and were fairly comfortable, but the cord was thick and I found myself not liking how it fit. I liked the separate bluetooth module because I sometimes have problems with headset ones cutting out and because this was lower on my body it never did. I did not like that it lowered the volume of what I was listening to and then wouldn't let me pause what was behind it. I also couldn't tell what triggered it to give me an update. On the workout I would have preferred that it tell me whenever I changed zones, but I had to look at that myself. Overall a good idea, but imperfectly designed. May 23, 2014
Rated 4 out of 5 by Good Quality Earbuds, Great heart rate accuracy These Earbuds are very nice and sound pretty good. The built in Heart Rate monitor seems to be very accurate and I love the voice prompts that let you know what your Heart Rate is during certain intervals of your workout. To bad they couldn't integrate everything in to the earbuds instead of having a small box hooked up to them for the Heart Rate monitoring but its not a huge deal. I bought these Earbuds thinking that they would work with MapMyFitness out of the box but that isn't the case. I just hope that this feature comes very soon. The option to share LG's Fitness Heart Rate data with MapMyFitness is there but it is grayed out and says that it will be supported in the future. May 23, 2014
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LG HRM Earphone (FR74)


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