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Spare charging cradle for the LG G Watch. Micro USB cable included.

G Watch™ Spare Charging Cradle

LG G Watch™ Charging Cradle (SDT-310)

  • Spare charging cradle for the LG G Watch
  • Micro USB cable included
  • LG G Watch required


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IPS 4K Ultra HD with sRGB OVER 99%

IPS 4K Ultra HD with sRGB OVER 99% <!--mu67-->

One of the secrets behind LG’s outstanding high-definition performance is the specially designed display panel. IPS 4K delivers true colors from any angle with 4 times the resolution of Full HD. With IPS 4K, make any seat the best in the house. Also, by supporting sRGB over 99% on the IPS Display, the 27MU67-B minimizes color difference and color loss with the wide color gamut and color temperature that covers both the sRGB and CMYK color range. As a result, one can effortlessly retouch and image photos to create final products with vivid and vibrant colors that VA or other LCD panels cannot deliver.

Free Sync Technology

Free Sync Technology <!--mu67-->

FreeSync* technology eliminates the tearing and stuttering that occur between a graphic card’s frame rate and a monitor’s refresh rate. Thanks to FreeSync, gaming enthusiasts can experience virtually seamless, fluid movement throughout any hi-res, heavy-duty game. With FreeSync, you no longer need to upgrade your graphic card. Just immerse yourself in the action!

* FreeSync is only available when it is connected to Display Port.

Game Mode

Game Mode <!--mu67-->

Set your game mode optimal gaming conditions. There are 3 gamer modes, 2 First-Person-Shooter modes and even and RTS pre-set mode so you can choose the best mode for you.

Black Stabilizer

Black Stabilizer <!--mu67-->

Keep visibility even in dark scenes. LG's Black Stabilizer sense dark scenes and helps make it brighter so that you can find the enemies hiding and waiting to attack your player in the dark.

4-Screen Split

4-Screen Split <!--mu67-->

The 4-Screen Split feature improves productivity by simply re-sizing the windows on your screen. With one drag you can re-size one window and the other windows automatically to fir the available space. It allows from 2 to 4 windows to be shown in 8 different screen ratios without feeling cluttered.

Dual Link Up

Dual Link Up <!--mu67-->

The Dual Linkup feature allows two compatible portable devices--such as a computer, camera, phone, or Blu-ray player--to be connected to the monitor, and both can be viewed on the same screen simultaneously. Note: To use Dual Linkup, one device must be connected to the DisplayPort while the other is connected to the HDMI port.

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Design, features and specifications subject to change without notice. Screen images simulated and/or dramatized. Some features in videos may not be available on all models. Please refer to the TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS tab for a complete list of features by model.
Design, features and specifications subject to change without notice.

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LG G Watch™ Charging Cradle (SDT-310)


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