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Simple, Beautiful, Beyond Smart

With cutting edge hardware, your favorite Google Apps, and the latest version of Android – Nexus 4 puts the best of Google in the palm of your hand.


COLORBlack   White
  • ANDROID™ 4.4.2, KitKat®



Rated 4.4 out of 5 by 53 reviewers.
Rated 2 out of 5 by HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED Bought this phone a year ago and to say im disappointed is putting it mildly. this phone constantly heats up whenever its in use for a period of time. at about the six month stage it started shutting down or the screen just wouldnt come on when promted. the battery life is poor especially when in use. today it just shuts off and wont come back on while Im using it. u cant do a battery pull or anything...So sorry i bought it September 12, 2014
Rated 2 out of 5 by Poor battery/charge I bought a new Nexus 4 one year ago. It froze up without any warning after 6 months, such that it was no longer possible to turn it on. Many hours contacting Google and LG was fruitless as far as recovering the phone. It was replaced on warranty, but it took a FULL 3 WEEKS before the replacement arrived. They only had refurbished replacements due to no longer making the phone. I have been using the replacement now for 6 months. It works, but it only holds a charge for about 1-3 hours if in use. It may possibly last 12 hours if I don't use it at all, but not always. (The original phone was better on batteries, but still usually had to charge it twice to get thru the day. In contrast, my former phone (Samsung Galaxy S Captivate) would last all day.) I now have to carry a battery pack to supplement in order to get thru the day. I decided not to try to claim another warranty after the problem with the first effort. I am seriously considering though buying a new battery and replacing it myself, which will void the warranty. But at this point I have pretty much given up on getting help from Google/LG. August 29, 2014
Rated 1 out of 5 by Poor quality phone terrible customer service I got a nexus 4 with my phone plan because it seemed like a great deal. This was a terrible decision. The battery life is short but you can live with it. Someone thought the phone would look pretty with glass on the back and to save costs decided a cheap glass would be fine. It broke after a few months. After about 11 months of having the phone which I had initially been relatively happy with my soft keys stopped working and I would occasionally get ghost touches. Within another week or two the whole bottom 15% of the screen stopped working. I could no longer dial calls and could only reply to texts but couldn't get into messaging. I tried resetting my phone to factory default to no effect. I looked it up online and saw this is a relatively common problem however, when I called LG they claimed there were no known problems with the phone. After sending my phone in it was sent back without a repair claiming there was water damage. This seemed hard to believe as the worst it had ever experienced was being in my pocket during occasional drizzles. The way I see it water damage in that case is another sign of poor build quality (and regardless wasn't the cause of this common problem as I discovered with further research) and if not just more evidence of poor customer service. I plan on never buying an lg product again and would advise others to avoid lg at all costs September 17, 2014
Rated 4 out of 5 by Overall great product LG has done a good job in making this product . the great battery life allows you enjoy your device for a whole day without disturbance of charge. It also receives the latest software from Google as soon as it has been released. The camera quality is excellent allowing you to take brilliant pictures with inbuilt flash light. It's 4G capability allows you to search web in seconds. It is also a great phone for programming and learning Android softwares. The speaker is also one of a good kind that gives out good music. This product over all is a good one and I would recommend this product.... Great job by LG in making this product July 20, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by One of the Best ANDROID phones in the market I have been using this product for last eight months and I am completely satisfied with the product Pros: Big Display 2GB RAM First to get Google updates Excellent Display Classy Design Very good call quality Catches wifi Signal even at relatively long distances Voice dialing works without internet/data and understands neutral Indian Accents flawlessly 360 degrees photo-shot and 180 degrees Panaroma shot very decent Swipe keypad for will love this if you are frequent sms player Cons: Battery backup is reduces after updating to kitkat(android 4.4) 12.3 Gb is all you to get to play around with your files No micro sd slot Non user-replaceable battery But over all I am satisfied with this one. July 15, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by I love this phone, but wish photos were better This is a great phone, but photos further away aren't clear. But, the close up, selfies and near distance photos are superb! I think this is the best phone I've ever really had. But be sure to take a camera or have someone else take important/memorable photos (that are further away and not within a few feet) for you. Otherwise, you'll be upset and ready to upgrade when you check your photos and don't have the quality you thought you would. Everytime I think to upgrade, I change my mind because this is a great phone and takes great photos, as long as it's within a few feet. The price is great too. I would really recommend this phone. April 16, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Awesome phone Great phone and great bang for the bucks! However, wish the picture quality could be better. February 12, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Unbelievable Processing Power and Never Obsolete Having gone through some significant medical issues, when it was time for me to upgrade/JUMP to a different phone, I asked the sales associate(s) of all the phones in the store which device would never become obsolete and each led me to the LG Nexus 4 (the Nexus 5 had yet to be released). I had previously owned two Windows phones, one for business and one for family, but the aforementioned issues forced me to drop a line and replace them with one that could handle both duties and would last as long as I did. The Nexus 4 was the solution to my unusual specific needs. I must admit the initial learning curve was steep, never having owned an Android device, much less one with developing capabilities and a core Google device as well. I am the family photographer and the camera on the Nexus 4, especially after waking up one morning to KitKat 4.4.2 the improvements in the camera were fascinating: it was as though editing and other camera features that I would have to use various apps previously to get to a quality I was satisfied with were migrated to the camera itself, and I cannot remember the last time I would save a photo directly from the camera; and the 360 degree spherical panoramic was, to me, absolutely fascinating, and aging myself a bit, straight out of the "Jetsons" futuristic cartoon some of us enjoyed as children and the "cell" phone I used was the size of a briefcase! The transition from one operating system to another was a bit more difficult, having been a dedicated Microsoft customer for so many years ( my first music player was a Zune at a time when iPods were at the height of popularity) but the Nexus support team were patient with me and I slowly began to make full use of the Android system, and the quad dual core processors were so fast that when I reached my "fast" data limit in my plan and slowed down, I could barely tell the difference, and my concerns about compatibility of the Nexus 4 with my Windows computers were unfounded- they meshed perfectly with just a few setting adjustments on my computer. The only less than positive issue I can relate is that at point of purchase I, with case in hand (I am a firm believer in OEM accessories or those recommended by the manufacturer), was assured that both front AND back glass were Corning Gorilla Glass an the case wasn't necessary. Several months ago I found out the hard way that this was not true- I use my device as an alarm as well (only one I can hear) and reaching over to hit snooze one more time it slid two and a half feet from my bed stand and had the typical "spider web" fracturing that often happens when a pebble hits a windshield and if not immediately repaired. I've noticed that now that the Nexus 5 has been released with a polycarbonate backing I obviously wasn't the only person to experience that design flaw but after having it replaced (at a price that definitely effected my already tight budget) I am in a quandary as to whether to JUMP to the Nexus 5 after such a costly repair investment- can't help but think the LG designers were aware of that issue but thought the glass backing was important enough to the functionality to go forward with it, and would not be an issue at all if would have gotten a protective case that I was advised was not necessary. I have signed up for notification when the LG Flex becomes available- the dual screen capability I am hoping will make the entertainment clouds I operate enable the "click and drag" ease of adding content for the patented cloud technology I am using. Until that happens, the Nexus 4 is the best device I have owned, and once I get over the learning curve and can utilize all of the advanced features I can keep my family photographer designation and maintain my clouds (performers cancel, promoters change line-ups last minute, and even the infamous Midwest weather-at times changing significantly hour by hour- effecting events) with a device technologically advanced enough to make these last minute changes without lugging my laptop around, which I am physically unable to do anymore, the Nexus 4 has actually improved my quality of life and mobility. My only advice to someone considering the Nexus 4 is buy a quality protective cover, and the device will meet or exceed your expectations in every other aspect. February 4, 2014
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Design, features and specifications subject to change without notice.

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