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Eco-Friendly Attributes, Touch Screen, 4-Line QWERTY Keyboard, Text Messaging and Favorites Shortcut Keys, Quick Updates to Social Networks, Bluetooth Version 3.0, 2.0 Megapixel, Camera

LG Extravert (VN271)

  • Touch Screen
  • 4-Line QWERTY Keyboard
  • Quick Updates to Social Networks
  • Bluetooth® 3.0 + EDR


VN271 3.4 5 48 48
Pretty Good then breaks Works well then after a while of using constantly the screen gets glitchy then breaks and it becomes even more frustrating to use. At least make it tougher February 16, 2014
Its okay for a Budget phone I've had mine for about 2 years, it was great the first year and then the problems started. It would randomly power itself off even after being on charge the night before. The screen has its own problems, touch the send button or replying to a text and it often wouldn't work requiring 7 or more tries to get it to respond. When I would make notes on the notepad I would hit save and come back to that note later and a whole bunch of characters that made no sense would appear. Exam, "get milk & doritos" the phone would put in behind that "get gt gt mk drots os os os eh ". The battery life was great until about 3 months ago, now it only last for about 12hrs and this isnt a smart with a bunch of Apps running on it. January 18, 2014
Worst phone i've ever owned With it's often completely unresponsive touch screen and slow, cumbersome interface, every time i use this phone, i can't help but think the designer shouldn't have bothered. Using even the most basic functions is an exercise in frustration. Attempting to press one touch-screen button often means inadvertently pressing the one next to it (i.e. hitting "Send Message" ends up placing a call, etc). To try and prevent this, i've started using the end of a pen, and even that only works some of the time. Of course, there's nothing abnormally wrong about the phone itself—it's just poorly designed. The only reason i have it is because it was the only phone offered by Verizon with a qwerty keypad (incidentally the only thing about the phone that works consistently), that didn't require a data plan, and my earlier LG Cosmos (which worked great) had broken. January 2, 2014
Very decent phone So, this phone doesn't have a ton of bells and whistles, but it has been a decent phone for the last two years. I've always kept this phone in a case, because it feels too slippery without one, and it's extremely sturdy. I've dropped it a few times (usually just falling off my lap or something like that), but it doesn't have a ding on it. I also use it with a screen protector. Early on there were some issues with picture messages not being the right size, but I think that was a Verizon issue that was fixed... Other than that, I've really had no significant issues with the phone. I've used it mainly for texting, talking, as a calendar, and as an alarm clock, and it's served me very well. Only recently have I had issues with the touchscreen not registering when I press something and the "m" key on the keyboard either not working or typing too many "m"s at once. But that's only in the last couple of months. The battery life also used to be about a week. Now it's down to 2-3 days with moderate use, but that's expected from an old phone, anyway. If you're looking for a decent, no-frills phone, then this is a great choice. January 1, 2014
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With me, it’s all about my friends, andthis phone really lets me keep them in theknow. Texting has never been easier thanwith this QWERTY keyboard, it’s sosmooth, I’m a messaging machine! Evenbetter, the touchscreen makes it easy toscroll through all my stuff — it’s superquick getting to my pix, tunes, messages,whatever! And with the shortcut key I canmove quickly from one conversation tothe next, so I never miss a beat.

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