Dramatic Reduction of

Labor, Components, and Installation Processes

Mono X ACe - Installation - Dramatic Reduction

Fast Installation

Simple installation process saves time for installation

No micro inverter mounting, No DC wiring, No AC trunk cable installation.

Mono X ACe - Installation - Module Replacement Flexibility
Mono X ACe - Installation - Simple Feature

Simple Feature

Combines the module and inverter in a single unit

Clean appearance by combining the junction box and micro inverter. Minimize installation time by reducing connecting work. Easier installation as the DC connection and operation are tested during manufacturing.

Simple Installation Work

Only end cap and transition cable required

No need for micro Inverter installation, trunk cable(cutting, ruling), branch terminator(cutting, assembling), water sealing cap, tie wrap for DC cable. *Depending on the installation situation, LG extension cable might be required.

Mono X ACe - Installation - Less Cable Installation Work

Reduced Cable Work

Able to connect the AC modules without an additional trunk cable

Drastically reduced trunk cable related parts. No need for trunk and DC cable work. (save 9 steps) Minimizes complex cables on a roof.

Mono X ACe - Installation - Reduced Cable Work
Mono X ACe Key Feature - Trusted Company

Trusted Company

LG AC module has developed from an electronics company with an extensive technical history and has product limited warranty by a financially stable brand.

Mono X ACe Key Feature - All-in-one Design

All-in-one Design

LG AC module combines the module and inverter in a single unit. It provides clean appearance, reduced cable work and increased energy yield.

Mono X ACe Key Feature - Highest AC Output

Highest AC Output

LG AC module features the world's highest output among the products. It means more power generation per square foot.
*305W AC output for single phase

Mono X ACe Key Feature - Monitoring Anywhere

Monitoring Anywhere

LG provides advanced Web-based solution and stable environment with in-house server operation. Users can monitor power generation through the internet.

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