Commitment to Green

LG Electronics’ environmental policy is centered on its “Life’s Good when it’s green” program.


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Life’s Good… when it’s green

At LG Electronics, we believe we have a shared responsibility to protect our planet for future generations. Our commitment to sustainability ensures that we strive for minimal environmental impact while staying faithful to the values of our customers, business partners, employees and communities.

LG’s environmental policy is divided into two areas of emphasis: pre-production and post-production. Our goal is to reduce greenhouse gases in the pre- and post-production stages by 150,000 tons and 30,000,000 tons, respectively, by 2020. LG’s reduction of greenhouse gases emitted during a product’s life cycle (including raw materials used in production, distribution, usage and disposal) will be carried out in stages.

EPEAT Registered Products

LG Commercial Displays offers a wide selection of products that are on the EPEAT Registry. Choosing these products can help your business meet sustainability goals.

Sustainability Recognition

LG has been widely recognized by the EPA and others for its dedication to preserving the environment—underscoring our company-wide focus on "Innovation for a Better Life."

Sustainable History

LG Electronics announced its Environment Proclamation in 1994. Through this we not only keep our operations’ effect on the environment low; we also enhance customer value through the development of sustainable products.

Sustainable Products

Our product strategy is to reduce the products’ environmental impact throughout the entire value chain without their sacrificing performance, style or benefit.

Sustainable Management

Our management vision is to continue evolving into a leading environmentally conscious company by working to protect the planet and creating products with environmentally favorable features.

Sustainable Manufacturing

We strive to minimize the resources used in our manufacturing operations, while attempting to decrease the emission of pollutants.