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Commercial Display Leader Showcases Versatility of Plasmas and LCDs at NSCA Expo

Advanced Digital Display Options From LG Electronics Give Systems Integrators New Flexibility, Technology Choices

Commercial Display Leader Showcases Versatility of Plasmas and LCDs at NSCA Expo

ORLANDO, March 15, 2007 - From new features such as Internet Protocol (IP) compatibility and "Public Display Settings" to integrated controller and a futuristic 3D display, LG Electronics is catering to the needs of system integrators, with an emphasis on the fast-growing digital signage business, at the NSCA Expo 2007 (Booth # 1249, Orange County Convention Center).

"Digital signage applications have become the hottest installations for systems integrators, and LG's latest line up of flat panel displays and technology demonstrates our commitment to meeting the industry's needs," said Ron Snaidauf, vice president, Commercial Products, LG Electronics USA, Inc. "Our flat panel displays, ranging from 17- to 71-inches, offer custom installers a wide-variety of options that are flexible, adaptable, dependable, future-ready and able to integrate well."

Underscoring LG's industry leadership, the company's flat panel displays are the centerpieces of the NSCA Digital Signage and Intelligent Building showcases, said Snaidauf, who represents LG Electronics on the industry advisory board of the National Systems Contractors Association.

As the primary display provider to the NSCA Digital Signage Showcase, LG has installed five innovative 42-inch LCD monitors showing attendees a full-range of digital signage applications and hands-on examples in vignettes such as interactive education, corporate communications and healthcare. Similarly, eight 42-inch LG plasmas at the heart of the Intelligent Building Showcase are being used by NSCA to show systems integration specialists how IP based products can be positioned as services in a managed building or suite of buildings.

Leading with Technology

Exemplifying LG's commitment to industry-leading technology, the company introduced two powerful new features - Public Display Settings and IP - for the system integration marketplace at the 2007 NSCA Expo.

The new PC5DC (50- and 42- inches) plasma display series features LG's Public Display Settings, a convenient new commercial set-up system. The new feature allows custom installers to clone settings and easily apply it across multiple units. With nine easy-to-use control settings- public display mode, start channel, minimum, maximum and start volume control, power and key management, factory reset, and aspect ratio - these plasmas are ideal for large spaces with multiple installations such as movie theaters, shopping malls, and airports.

LG's 42-inch LCD (M4210C) features LG's flexible new IP solution. As more and more facilities and building suites move from coaxial cabling to Ethernet connections, the IP feature allows systems integration professionals to access simple installation methods. For example, the IP solution allows for secured and robust Linux-based system over the Internet, faster deployment, real-time status feedback and cost-effectiveness.

3D Digital Signage Coming Soon

Looking to the "not-so-distant future" of digital signage applications, LG showcased its first true three-dimensional LCD (M4210D). The unique 42-inch monitor employs a non-switchable slanted lenticular 3D lens that displays auto-stereoscopic images, allowing viewers to have a 3D experience without the use of special glasses. Ideal for 3D advertisements in public spaces such as shopping malls, movie theaters and other public venues, the unit uses 25 different perspective views to show one image - allowing for a more natural 3D image. For those who do not want to dedicate the display to 3D continuously, the 42-inch unit is optimized to display 2D content.

Plasma Prowess: 42-inches to 71-inches

From 42-inches to 71-inches, LG plasma displays demonstrated at NSCA are highlighted by the flagship 71PY1M plasma. This mammoth 71-inch plasma provides the most vivid and realistic viewing experience with "Full HD" (1920 x 1080p) display capability. The centerpiece of any premium installation, the unit features a 2,000:1 contrast ratio, as well as two HDMI/HDCP and DVI/HDCP digital connectors.

In addition to LG's new Public Display Settings, the 50- and 42-inch PC5DC series plasmas feature "Clear Filter Pro" with XCC (eXtreme Contour Compensation) technology that replaces the front glass filter with a thin film filter, reducing reflection and double imaging, and providing a haze-free, crisp viewing experience. These plasmas also include two HDMI inputs for greater connectivity.

The PC5DC plasma series sports a stylish design with high gloss black finish and a slimmer width bottom speaker. These models incorporate a 0.3 mm micro-perforated speaker grill for a maximum polished look while delivering maximum, powerful sound.

Rounding out its plasma offering at NSCA, LG also exhibited its 60-inch HDTV plasma display (MU-60PZ95V) with a contrast ratio of 3000:1. All LG plasmas include proprietary XD Engine® technology, which delivers crisp, lifelike images by taking low resolutions of analog signals to near high-definition levels through improved brightness, contrast and detail, enhanced color and reduced signal noise.

For the custom installer focused on digital signage applications or boardroom presentations, all LG plasmas offer image-sticking minimization, pixel orbiter and white wash features that reduce phosphor retention, prolonging the life of the plasma.

Large LCDs: Flexibility, Adaptability, Versatility

LG's latest lineup of commercial LCD HDTVs and large format monitors offer system integrators the flexibility and adaptability to easily integrate applications from digital signage to hospitality and education installations.

LG's M4210C is perfect for almost any installation. Incorporating enhanced design technology for use in portrait orientation and a convenient external speaker out system, it is
ideal for stand-alone applications. With its new 29mm narrow bezel design, the 42-inch unit is 40 percent smaller than the 57mm industry average making its use in tilted video wall applications more appealing to the viewer. Offering an HDMI interface, custom installers can provide original digital audio and video from almost any digital device such as set-top boxes, DVD players and personal computers, among others.

As installers continue to look for superior resolution and high brightness and contrast ratios, the M4210C utilizes WXGA technology to provide higher visibility from long distances and the wide format - perfect for airport or restaurant applications where text information is heavily used. Additionally, this unit exceeds industry standard monitors boasting 450 candellas-per-square-meter (cd/m2) of brightness and 1600:1 contrast ratio. This unit also provides split zoom (self video wall) with a maximum matrix of (4x4), on-screen display lock and remote control lock.

LG also showcased its 42, 37 and 32 inch widescreen LCD monitors (M4201C-BA, M3701C-BA, M3201C-BA, M4200N-B10) with a 1600:1 contrast ratio and 500 cd/m2 brightness.

Most LCD models incorporate LG's wide-viewing Super In-Plane-Switching® technology - up to a 178-degree viewing angle -- which allows viewers to see the same still or moving images at any vertical or horizontal angle without any loss in picture quality.

LCD Monitors: Small Display Applications

In addition to its large format LCD monitors, LG offers a broad assortment of smaller-screen models for system integrators. Two models showcased at NSCA - the FLATRON L226WTX-BF and L1953TX-BF- include LG's proprietary f-ENGINE™ technology, which enhances brightness and color independently of each other.

The 22-inch Window Vista™ certified L226WTX-BF provides more screen real estate which means more productivity. With the ability to open two different applications at the same time, this unit boasts an industry high 3000:1 contrast ratio, quick 5ms response time and 1680 x 1050 resolution. It is both tilt and swivel adjustable providing enhanced productivity and each of use for professional and educational applications.

The 19-inch, L1953TX-BF, includes a crisp 1280 x 1024 resolution, fast 5ms response time, and 300cd/m2 of brightness. With its sleek and simple design, it also offers a tilt adjustable stand and wide viewing angle of 170 x 170 degrees.

Partners Demonstrate Total Solutions

Complementing LG's large-screen LCD and plasma displays at NSCA are software tools and applications developed by Scala and LUX-HDA™. Scala's suite of digital signage software products is designed to create, manage and distribute commercial messages via digital display networks ranging in size from one screen to thousands of screens with uses including advertising displays, touch screens, retail TV, LED billboards, lobby signage, digital menu boards, and interactive kiosks

LUX-HDA (High Definition Art), focused on developing original, customized, true high-definition "fine art in motion" for continuous display on flat screen plasma and LCD monitors, provided streaming high-definition content for LG's M4210C series.

Additionally, LG also partnered with Shuttle Computers on all computers used to drive content, and Peerless, a customized audio/visual mounting organization, to complete the overall visual presentation of the products and content.

About NSCA Expo 2007

NSCA Expo is the only tradeshow specifically focusing on the needs of professionals in the commercial electronics systems industry. The Expo features more than 450 exhibits showing the latest technology in AV, access control, acoustics, control systems, data, digital signage, security/life safety, lighting, telephony, sound, and video among others.

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