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LG Electronics Brings Innovative Comfort Solutions To Lodging Industry

Advanced air-conditioning systems combine contemporary design with improved temperature controls and energy efficiency

LG Electronics Brings Innovative Comfort Solutions To Lodging Industry

Advanced air-conditioning systems combine contemporary design with improved temperature controls and energy efficiency

NEW YORK, Nov. 9, 2008 - Demonstrating smart technology in a stylish package, LG Electronics highlighted innovative new approaches to in-room air conditioning at the 2008 International Hotel/Motel & Restaurant Show (Booth #3006), which begins here today.

Designed to enhance hotel room décor and provide advanced technology for improved guest comfort, LG’s “Inverter Mirror" and “Picture” Art Cool product lines allow hoteliers to transform the typical air conditioning unit into a decorative accent to the guest room. The unique Art Cool Picture system uses artwork or photography to dress up the room while the Inverter Mirror panel color can be adjusted to blend with a room's palette.

At the show, LG also displayed the energy efficient “Multi V” system, which uses a variable refrigerant flow (VRF) heat recovery system that operates cooling and heating simultaneously with only one outdoor unit. This system also provides low operational sound levels and the longest piping length in the industry.

“Building on our position as a leading supplier of commercial air conditioner units, the Art Cool and Multi V lines illustrate our commitment to providing modern energy efficient options for hoteliers and zoned comfort for hotel guests,” said Steve Schmitt, director, commercial air conditioning, LG Electronics USA. “With improved air flow innovations, and industry leading low sound levels, guests are treated to a functional and stylish form of climate control.”

The new Multi V series from LG Electronics offers the commercial heating and cooling industry a unique combination of high energy efficiency with easy zoning across rooms. For hotels looking to cut down on their energy consumption, the LG Multi V offers a cost efficient solution with VRF technology to ensure guest comfort. In addition, with this system hoteliers also have the added control of temperature zoning to avoid expending unnecessary energy in unoccupied rooms.

Specially designed systems with industry-leading pipe lengths use serially arranged refrigerant pipes to connect to a single outdoor unit with the option to also connect to others. This efficient system offers outstanding energy savings, with a wide variety of different types of indoor units. LG’s outdoor units also incorporate a modular design that can easily be scaled to suit the needs of a particular building, from high-rise buildings, high-end hotels and luxury resort facilities to commercial buildings and condominium projects.

LG’s unique Art Cool Inverter Mirror line (model LAN125HV) features a slim rectangular wall-mounted interior evaporator with a one-way air flow system. Available in a variety of custom finishes, the Inverter line that can be fit to enhance any motel room’s décor. This series provides lodging operators with the “gold standard in protection” thanks to LG’s proprietary Gold Fin anti-corrosive treatment. This system covers the outdoor coil surface and protects the unit from the corrosive effects of outside air and extends the operational life of the unit. For coastal areas or environments with high pollution levels, this feature is especially valuable for operational longevity.

The Art Cool Inverter Mirror and the Art Cool Picture models are equipped with a high efficiency plasma air purifying system that uses three different filtration elements to provide cleaner air to hotel guests. The Inverter line also incorporates the Jet Cool™ system. With this unique cooling system, the Jet Cool™ function allows for quick cooling by disseminating strong, cool, air at a high speed for 30 minutes until 64 degrees Fahrenheit is reached. In addition, the Art Cool Inverter Mirror has efficiency ratings ranging from 16 to 19.7 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficient Rating), which translates into increased energy savings. The Art Cool Inverter Mirror is also available in four different BTU levels ranging from 9,000 to 24,000, while the Art Cool Picture is available in 9,000 – 12,000 BTUs.

An alternative to the Art Cool Inverter Mirror and for hoteliers looking to refurbish their guest rooms or those starting anew, LG’s Art Cool Picture (model LAN121HNP) model combines the style of artwork or photography with the leading edge technology of an air conditioner to provide an all-in-one solution. The front panel of Art Cool doubles as a frame with the ability to hold any photo or picture with a 17.5 by 17.5-inch viewable area. The slim five-inch deep design of the product ensures that the modern air conditioner is not obtrusive but rather a complimentary feature to the room.

Using a three-dimensional air flow system, the Art Cool frame provides even cooling throughout the room by cooling from the front and both sides of the frame. The result allows hotel guests to quickly personalize room temperature evenly for maximum comfort. Guests will appreciate that the Superlight BLDC Motor in the Art Cool provides low operational sound at just 29 decibels on low speed – less than the sound generated in a library which registers at 40 decibels. For added guest convenience, this line offers an optional wireless digital thermostat for easy adjustment of temperature settings.

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