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Pro:Idiom™ Digital Rights Management System Fact Sheet

Copy-Protection Technology Assures Rapid Hotel HDTV Deployment

Pro:Idiom™ Digital Rights Management System Fact Sheet

Copy-Protection Technology Assures Rapid Hotel HDTV Deployment

The "Pro:Idiom™" digital technology platform was developed to provide the hospitality market with a robust, highly secure Digital Rights Management (DRM) system. DRM ensures rapid, broad deployment of high-definition television (HDTV) and other high-value digital content to the hotel industry. The development effort began more than two years ago when LG Electronics, a global technology leader and top-tier supplier of flat-panel displays, identified that the widespread deployment of LCD and plasma displays to the lodging industry would be highly dependent on the ability to provide guests with high-value digital content.

Lodging industry heavyweights already have licensed the Pro:Idiom™ DRM system. In fact, with LodgeNet Entertainment Corporation, On Command Corporation, LG Electronics and Philips Electronics all embracing a common DRM solution, Pro:Idiom™ is now firmly established as a lodging standard. A growing number of content providers also have demonstrated their acceptance of Pro:Idiom™ by licensing their high-definition content for delivery to the first Pro:Idiom™ users, which has resulted in significant support from hoteliers as well.

Marketplace Advantages

* Designed specifically for the lodging industry, the Pro:Idiom™ solution is more cost-effective then repurposed consumer approaches.
* Approved for use with both satellite-delivered pay TV content and video-on- demand (VOD) services, this system is the only DRM system embraced by content providers for both of these key programming sources.

Technical Advantages

* The Pro:Idiom™ specification is an open standard controlled by hospitality industry stakeholders.
* Embedded approach provides security and removes the possibility for guests to tamper with or remove needed components
* The system does not require "pairing" of the DRM system with the television or activation from a remote host, which vastly simplifies maintenance and installation.

Technology Design Goals
In developing this robust DRM system in conjunction with major PPV providers, LG's design goals required that the technology must:

* Effectively protect digital video and audio content;
* Provide the most cost-effective solution for hoteliers, PPV providers and manufacturers;
* Scale from small hotels to Las Vegas-style mega-resorts;
* Offer a low implementation complexity to allow easy adoption by all parties; and
* Allow system specifications to be controlled by stakeholders in the lodging industry.

These design objectives are virtually impossible for a repurposed consumer DRM system to achieve. A number of systems that effectively protect content including CableCARDs, Windows Media DRM and proprietary systems, were evaluated before making the decision to create a unique, open-standards DRM system specifically for the lodging industry.

Secure Encryption
Pro:Idiom™ has been design to use the AES encryption system with 128 bit keys, which has been approved for financial transactions as well as protecting government data, offering the latest, state-of-the-art security necessary for premium content. Many of the repurposed consumer solutions rely on outdated 64-bit security protocols that have focused on protecting consumer content, not early-release-window VOD content.

The Pro:Idiom™ solution has also been peer reviewed by third-party cryptology consultants, as well as movie studios and satellite content providers. In the unlikely case of a security breech, the embedded keys can be renewed without the need for an on-site visit to secure the system. Because the security devices are embedded inside the device and not simply a card in a slot that is accessible for the guest to tamper with or remove, many security professionals believe that this embedded approach is more secure then a "carded" solution. If a "carded" solution is compromised the only option is to replace the cards, a costly solution that will require an onsite visit to every room.

Digital Content
LGE has developed the capability to deliver digital high-definition VOD as well as premium satellite content, such as HBO in high-definition. LGE has developed both the television receiver components and the headend components needed to deliver both kinds of content.

It is believed that no other system can deliver both VOD as well as digital satellite content over the same cost-effective infrastructure. These solutions have been reviewed and approved by major content providers. Consult your PPV provider for further information as each provider has different business arrangements and terms which may affect digital content availability.

The Pro:Idiom™ system provides high-quality security that provides access to premium content availability to help ensure rapid, broad deployment of HDTV and other high-value digital content to the hotel industry. Zenith, which is the exclusive licensor for Pro:Idiom™, has made it available on a royalty-free basis to hotel PPV operators and consumer electronics manufacturers.

Unlike other approaches, Pro:Idiom™ has been designed specifically for the hotel industry and as such, results in lower costs, and reduced maintenance. Its world-class encryption technology, integrated design and attractiveness to PPV providers make Pro:Idiom™ the clear choice for delivering HDTV services to hotel guests with confidence.