LG Commercial Display Procentric

now include a FREE Interactive
Electronic Program Guide Data Service!

Electronic Program Guide Data Service

If your property has purchased or plans to purchase LG's Pro:Centric TVs, you qualify for a free Interactive Electronic Program Guide (IEPG) service for your guests to locate and enjoy TV program content -- just like they get at home.

All that is required is the installation of a Pro:Centric server and an internet connection for daily program updates. An LG authorized installer is required to install and program the server.

FREE program guide service runs until December, 2017.


  • For an order to be eligible for this promotion, it must be purchased for a FTG hotel property.
  • Order must include promos code FEPGWPCS04012013 and SKU PCS150R Qty 1 @ $1,750.00.
  • Property must have a FTG channel lineup (no PPV) and sign EPG Service Agreement at time of purchase.
  • Pro:Centric server must be installed and programmed by an LG authorized installation partner at property's cost. Installation partner will order EPG service via LG on property's behalf.
  • Customers cannot mix and match orders from multiple properties or purchase orders.
  • This promotion may be used with other active LG promotions or offers.
  • EPG service will be provided at no cost until the end of 2017.
  • Promotion subject to change without notice.

Iepg overview

Selected Program/Episode Information

Video Picture in Picture Window (shows current channel)

Channel Name & Logo

Program, Episode Information by Time & Channel. Tune to Channel from Guide

get epg for your property in a
few easy steps

STEP 1. Purchase LG Pro:Centric Server

LG Commercial Display Purchase LG Pro:Centric Server The PCS150R is a stand-alone Linux data server that manages and controls the Pro:Centric system, delivering unique digital content from the head-end to the hotels' guest rooms via the RF distribution network. It supports a data carousel of applications and services and broadcasts these to Pro:Centric enabled TVs over a preconfigured communications channel, enabling guests to select customized content for in-room viewing using the TV remote control, such as hotel amenities, daily weather, and the channel programming guide. The PCS150R can be used with both Free-To-Guest (FTG) and Pay-Per-View (PPV) head-end systems.

The server captures data from the Internet and formats it within display pages, and outputs the pages in DTV format over the Asynchronous Serial Interface (ASI) output. With appropriate modulation and up-conversion, this ASI signal can then be used for either IP or RF distribution in a lodging site application.

  • Simple Installation Uses the existing RF network, internet connection input, ASI output, and conversion for RF delivery
  • Minimal Head-End Rack Space Small, lightweight chassis, 1U height profile, 19-inch rack-mountable
  • Rapid Content Creation Using Wed Editor/Content Wizard Tool to quickly create and edit hotel-branded content
  • Remote Support Remote administration, configuration, and maintinance via VPN server

STEP 2. Contact Authorized Pro:Centric Installer for Setup

LG has developed a list of authorized installers. Each authorized installer is researched by LG as to the quality of their work, reputation and integrity. Click on the PDF to see the list of installers that are in your area.

LG Commercial DisplayDownload List of Authorized Pro:Centric Installers Here

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