Canvas of the Future

UHD / 4K is four times the resolution of 1080P High Definition displays.

The end result is a visual experience rich in detail, providing the viewer with an immersive view many times closer than previously possible with traditional resolution displays.


Marketing & Promotional
materials with UHD

For commercial applications, an LG UHD display allows for the creation of all messaging in true Archival quality. UHD resolution effectively "Future Proofs" the marketing and promotional materials using the cinema standard, a format that has been consistent for over 100 years.

In digital signage and way-finding applications, UHD signage provides over four times the Information in the same space as compared to traditional 720P and 1080P displays.

UHD displays are the "canvas of the future," now content creators through emerging next-generation distribution and playback hardware can engage in new types of applications and markets typically only reserved for static traditional artwork. UHD display technology is an award winning alternative to traditional print-based art. As a feature, UHD displays represent the most flexible solution for designers and architects to create an unforgettable experience in any space that can be transformed.

UHD display technology with ultra-close viewing distances and realistic image reproduction allows for a window simulation and alternative in applications where the view is lacking or no windows exist. With the extreme efficiency of the LED based UHD display provides an economical alternative to windows of the same size and shape.

In the Health and Wellness industry, and other industries looking to promote the well being of clients and employees alike, there is a large body research outlining the positive benefits of "nature based" scenery and visuals. With UHD displays, the end result is maximum immersion as the "window-like" effect even at close viewing distances will immerse the viewer providing a soothing and therapeutic experience.