LG Financing Advantage Program offers lease financing solutions tailored to your specific needs.


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LG Financing Advantage Program

As a competitive business, you need to invest in the latest technology to enhance your customers’ experience and reinforce your brand image. At the same time, you are faced with reducing operating costs and improving profitability.

To address this challenge, the LG Financing Advantage Program offers lease financing solutions tailored to your specific needs*. LG makes it simple to acquire powerful and engaging display solutions for your present needs while providing the opportunity to upgrade as your business requirements change. For further information, contact your LG Electronics sales representative.

Program Advantages

  • Preserve credit lines and conserve working capital
  • Bundle systems, displays, accessories, installation, extended service plans, maintenance, and other costs into one lease
  • Purchase additional equipment or upgrade to match performance and functionality to your changing requirements
  • Stay current with rapidly changing technology enhancements
  • Finance 100% with lower upfront cost
  • Customize payment structures to fit your business needs
  • Manage cash flow more effectively
  • Take advantage of flexible end of lease options

The LG Financing Advantage Program offers peace of mind and support to help you navigate through the entire lease process.

*Leasing provided by Macquarie Equipment Finance, LLC ("Macquarie"), an independent company. Macquarie is not obligated to offer equipment leases or other financing in connection with any LG products. Macquarie is not an agent of LG and is solely responsible for any leasing or financing programs. LG shall have no responsibility with respect to any leasing or financing programs between Macquarie and end-users. End-users should contact Macquarie directly with any concerns or issues regarding its leasing or financing programs.