LG public display solutions for transportation environments provides access necessary for travelers.


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While at an airport, bus, or train station, travelers are constantly looking for immediate information that is up-to-the-minute and easy to locate. LG public display solutions for transportation environments can provide access to pertinent information as soon as a traveler enters the airport or station and can continuously to deliver updated information until they take their seats.

As an effective sales tool, LG display solutions can add various levels of technology sophistication to your public space earning more consumer awareness and mindshare. Make immediate returns on your investment with display solutions from LG. Take control of your signage network and enhance the quality of the customer experience.

  • Bring detailed updates for arrival and departure times with strategically located information displays.
  • Direct travelers to the nearest restaurants, stores, and facilities with digital way finding.
  • Accompany directions with sponsored advertisements and promotions.
  • Broadcast instructions throughout the station or airport in the event of an emergency.
  • Apply changes to display messaging can be applied immediately throughout the entire network.

Our vertical market managers will develop a turnkey signage solution that is scalable and manageable from a centralized location designed to your needs. Each solution developed by our VMMs is based on your growth objectives such as branding, organic growth, customer experience, and demographic expansion. Let us demonstrate how a well planned digital signage system can be an effective communications and sales tool.

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