PCoIP® zero clients enable the ultimate virtualized desktop experience


      Zero Client Brochure - Teradici

Simple, PCoIP zero clients not only allow the organization to take full advantage of the many benefits promised by virtualization, but support a rich multimedia experience and offer significant advantages over desktop PCs and thin client solutions.

Zero client simplicity
Because PCoIP zero clients only receive and decode host‑rendered pixels, there is no need for applications or the application operating system to reside in the client device. Similarly, because no client computing is performed, PCoIP hardware zero clients do not have a general purpose CPU, RAM, GPU, disk or fan. Instead, hardware-based zero clients have a single, highly integrated, purpose-built processor that performs image decompression and decoding, and is powerful enough to support a rich multimedia experience, even for power users, well into the future.

Low maintenance
The simplicity of PCoIP zero clients results in a greatly reduced need for management and maintenance at the desktop. No operating system, application, driver, anti-virus, or codec updates are required. This frees IT from the need to change out and provision new desktop machines as new operating systems and applications are implemented.

Enhanced security
The stateless architecture of PCoIP zero clients, and the absence of data at the desktop, enables PCoIP zero clients to be the most secure client endpoint available. The client is immune to virus invasion, and PCoIP technology provides extensive USB security and authentication features.

Cost savings
PCoIP zero clients provide cost savings and contribute to green computing initiatives throughout the complete lifecycle. They are low cost devices, and provide the lowest cost for the highest performance client device available, radically reducing desktop provisioning costs. Operational costs such as power consumption, cooling and space consumption are greatly reduced, while on-going management and maintenance costs are significantly less than traditional desktop PCs and thin client devices. With no need to constantly upgrade, PCoIP zero clients are assured of an extended life span. Finally, the minimal hardware component reduces recycling costs.

Variety of form factors
The PCoIP processor can be designed into a variety of unique form factors, enabling a wide range of client types to choose from. Integrated displays, standalone desktop devices, and PoE IP phones are all currently available, with other unique form factors to be released in the near future. PCoIP zero clients are available from leading OEM vendors.

Session portability
A user can have multiple and different forms of PCoIP zero client devices. As a user moves between devices the same session is available. Different users can logon to various zero clients to continue their own session running on the host, and from the same zero client, different users can use different applications.

Multi-function support
Multi-function environments include connection to both highly virtualized desktops as well as high-performance PCs and workstations. With PCoIP zero clients, host infrastructure can include VMware View as well as PCoIP hardware to enable fast, high-resolution graphics interaction from anywhere. PCoIP clients support all enterprise users simply according to log-in credentials, from office task workers to designers who need robust 3D graphics.

Reprinted with permission from Teradici™