Large Format Displays

Discover the perfect digital signage solutions for your organization with LG large format displays, designed with your business in mind.


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Large Format Displays

Discover our suite of LG large format displays, which bring your business to the forefront of digital signage solutions. Here you’ll find a variety of touch screen displays, information kiosks, and other displays to suit your organization’s individual needs. Learn More

LG large format displays give your business the ability to easily connect with potential customers in a variety of ways. Enjoy features that include:

High brightness. Each large format display is designed to be visible in low or high light, which in turn allows your message to be viewed by people in virtually any setting.

Brilliant resolution. When we combine our large format displays’ brightness with a full HD 1080p resolution, the result is nothing short of stunning, offering full detail that’s rich in clarity and color.

Interactive technology. Featuring the latest in touch-screen technology, each large screen display offers your audience the ability to interact with your brand and the information you’re sharing – as well as create a more personal experience and attachment to your message.

Resistance to image retention. While other large format displays may create a static message that grows boring over time, we focus on bringing you longevity and value with your large screen display purchase.

LED-Backlit Displays

Browse our selection of LG LED backlit display monitors, available in a variety of sizes and specs to match the unique demands of your environment.

Digital Media Players

From hospitality to heath care, SMB to vertical market solutions, LG commercial media players make the perfect partners for your business.

Outdoor Displays

LG’s next generation of outdoor displays provide strategic, turnkey public display solutions that catch the eye of your customers.

Stretched Displays

LG stretched monitor displays let you present information, advertisements and branding in a new way, shape and form.

Touch Displays

Discover LG touch screen display solutions for digital signage, designed to bring your message in vivid color and create an interactive experience.


Accessories for our large screen LCD and plasma displays such as external speakers and stands.