Large Format LED Displays

Whatever the application: from digital signage to education to office settings, LG's Large Format LED Displays are matched to the unique demands of your environment.

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Capture their attention without saying a word. With large-format LED displays from LG, you can showcase your products and services, engage your audience and share your message virtually anywhere – and all in stunning HD.   Learn More

Explore just a few of the features that make LG large-format displays a must for modern businesses:

Full HD 1080p Resolution: Our large LED displays deliver images in full HD 1080p – for stunning clarity, rich detail and true-to-life colors.

High Brightness: By combining high brightness with our large LED displays’ incredible resolution, we’ve created a solution that is well suited to giving information to a large number of people in virtually any setting.

Touch Screen Technology: Select large-format LED displays feature the latest touch screen technology, which allows your audience to interact with your message and allows your team to create a more personal experience.

Resistance to Image Retention: Because your message may be static – or played over and again, perhaps hundreds of times a day – LG large-format LED displays were designed resist image retention and provide users with even greater longevity.

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