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Hospitality TVs (Pro:Centric SMART/Pro:Idiom TVs)

39" class (38.6" measured diagonally) Pro:Centric™ Single Tuner™ Direct LED TV with Integrated Pro:Idiom® and b-LAN


  • No need for printed materials for the guests
  • Reduced waste, save cost and time
  • FREE Interactive Electronic Program Guide Service for Pro:Centric® TVs



Whenever guests find comfortable accommodations that suit their needs, LG Hotel TVs have been a part of leaving a positive impression. LG's continuing commitment towards achieving the highest standard of excellence enables us to deliver the best solutions and products in the industry.


LG's focus on the success of your business and your guest's satisfaction has led to true partnerships based on reliability, trust and excellence.


As hotel guests are increasingly demanding their at-home viewing experience, greater customization and flexibility of their TV service, the same needs have risen for service providers. LG hotel TVs provide the built-in capability to support customized applications and services through a wide array of system integrators and service providers.

No need for printed materials for the guests

Providing incredibly easy-to-use content delivery and a flexible communications interface, LG opens up new and exciting possibilities in guest room interactivity. The ability to quickly and easily add or update information creates real savings in printing costs and allows a more timely presentation of pertinent and valuable information to guests. Guests will be able to locate and enjoy available television entertainment with the channel selection guide application, check on the daily weather, and review the available hotel amenities.

Reduced waste, save cost and time

Less hardware and no printed materials for the room mean less carbon footprint for the environment and cost and time saving for the businesses. Furthermore, it helps to make the guest rooms look tidy.

FREE Interactive Electronic Program Guide Service for Pro:Centric® TVs!

If your property has purchased or plans to purchase LG's Pro:Centric® TVs, you qualify for a free Electronic Program Guide (EPG) that allows guests to easily navigate TV channels and programs - just like they do at home.

Participating properties must purchase and install a Pro:Centric® server and supply an internet connection for daily program updates. Properties must also contract with an LG authorized partner to install and program the server to match your Free-to-Guest (FTG).

FREE program guide service runs until Dec. 2017, replacing the current programming fee of $1.50 per room per month.
Contact your LG sales representative or click on the button below to learn more.


Memorable Guest Experience

LP620H is designed to provide memorable guest experience such as ability for the guests to view their own contents that are stored on their portable devices and its swivel stand that provides excellent maneuverability for left and right viewing.

Welcome Screen

Having a warm greeting message with your business area name and its logo on the TV when they enter the space will let them feel more welcome and cared for.

Eco Friendly

LG Hotel TVs has excellent energy saving features such as Intelligent Sensor, Dynamic Power Savings, and Static Power Savings. The hotels can enjoy cost savings while
supporting efforts of Green initiative.

Remote Jack Pack

The plug and play function with compatible Remote Jack Pack enables guests to view media from their portable devices on the TV screen seamlessly.

Energy Guide

The estimated annual energy cost determined in accordance with 16 CFR Part 305.5 for model 47LP645H, 42LP645H, 39LP645H, 32LP645H are $15, $13, $11 and $8. “Your energy cost depends on your utility rates and use. The estimated cost is based on 11 cents per kWh and 5 hours of use per day. For more information, visit www.ftc.gov/energy.”*

*FTC Television labeling rule (18 CFR Part 305, as added by 76 Fed. Reg. 1038 (Jan 6, 2011)).

compatible interactive systems

39" class (38.6" measured diagonally) Pro:Centric™ Single Tuner™ Direct LED TV with Integrated Pro:Idiom® and b-LAN


  • Panel Size
  • Panel Technology
  • Native Resolution
  • Frame Rate
  • Dynamic CR
  • Response Time
  • Viewing Angle
  • 39” Class(38.6”)
  • Direct LED
  • 1920 x 1080 (FHD)
  • 60Hz
  • 1,000,000
  • 9.5ms
  • 176°/176°
  • Analog
  • Digital
  • Yes (NTSC)
  • Yes (ATSC / Clear QAM/VSB)
  • Audio Output
  • Clear Voice II
  • Speaker System
  • Infinite Sound
  • 10W + 10W
  • Yes
  • 1 Way 2 Speakers
  • Yes
  • HDMI In
  • USB (2.0)
  • 1 Side
  • 1 Side
  • RF In
  • AV In
  • Digital Audio Out (Coaxial / Optical)
  • HDMI/HDCP Input
  • RGB In (D-sub 15pin) - PC
  • PC Audio Input
  • RS-232C (D-Sub 9pin)
  • RJ45(RJP interface)
  • External Speaker Out (3.5mm phone jack)
  • MPI Jack
  • 1
  • 1
  • 1 (Optical)
  • 2
  • 1
  • 1
  • Yes (Service)
  • 1
  • 1
  • 1
  • Bezel Width (off Bezel) (mm)
  • Carton (W x H x D)
  • Carton Weight
  • VESA Standard Mount Interface
  • Weight with Stand
  • Weight (Without Stand)
  • Swivel
  • Color
  • Dimensions with Stand (W×H×D)
  • Dimensions without Stand (W×H×D)
  • Flame Retardant
  • 18.9mm/23.5mm
  • 42.3” x 25.2” x 6.5”
  • 27.1 Ibs
  • 200mm x 200mm
  • 27.1 lbs
  • 19.0 Ibs.
  • Yes (± 20/45/90 degrees)
  • Black with Hairline Finish
  • 35.2” x 23.0” x 11.1”
  • 35.2” x 21.1” x 3.1”
  • Yes (Back Cover only)
  • Remote Diagnostics
  • HTNG
  • Commercial Grade Stand
  • Welcome Screen (Splash Image)
  • Lock Down Plate (for easy installing)
  • Audio Codec
  • Smart Energy Saving
  • RF(1/2Tuner)
  • EzManager
  • Pro:Centric
  • Pro:Idiom
  • SI Compatible (TVLink Protocol)
  • Hotel Mode/ PDM /Installer Menu
  • b-LAN
  • Multi IR Code
  • IR Out (TV Link Tuner)
  • Auto Off / Auto Sleep
  • RJP Compatibility
  • RJP Interface
  • Kensington Lock
  • External Speaker Out
  • USB
  • USB Cloning
  • Moving Picture Playback (SD/HD/Plus HD)
  • Picture
  • Credenza/Security Screw Hole
  • One Channel Map/Logical Channel Map
  • Video Mute
  • Yes
  • Yes (1.3)
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • AC3(Dolby Digital), EAC3, AAC, Mpeg, MP3, PCM
  • Yes
  • Yes (1 Tuner)
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes (MPI protocol)
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes (MPI Jack)
  • Yes
  • LG,Teleadapt (RJ45, HDMI CEC), G-Link(HDMI-CEC)
  • Yes (RJ45, HDMI)
  • Yes
  • Yes (Variable/Fixed/Line Out, 3.5mm, Stereo, Single ended Type(GRD,L+,R+), 1W with 8Ω)
  • USB2.0 (Media Host)
  • Yes
  • Divx HD
  • JPEG
  • Yes
  • Yes (LCM)
  • Yes
  • XD Engine
  • 24p Real Cinema (24p 5:5/2:2 Pull down)
  • Eye Care (Anti Dazzling)
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Stand-by
  • Typical (Watts)
  • Power Source
  • Under 0.5W
  • 52.1W
  • 110 ~ 240V, 50/60Hz
  • Compatible Interactive systems
  • Remote Jack Panel Compatibility (RJP)
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty (Parts/Labor)
  • LodgeNet, Enseo, swisscom, NEVOTEK, iBAHN, KoolConnect, NXTV|Quadriga, acentic, ROOMLINX, nSTREAMS
  • G-LINK, teleadapt, LG
  • Safety
  • RoHS
  • Energy Star 6.0
  • cUL, UL, FCC, NOM
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • 39LP645H
  • 7 19192 91571 8
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