Pro:Centric Smart IPTV

Ultra-Slim Edge-Lit LED TV with Integrated Pro:Idiom®



Smart Share™

Enjoy and share content stored on your laptop, digital cameras, smart phones and other devices to your TV conveniently and seamlessly.

*Video playback only - content on phones may be played on TV through the Smart Share app on compatible LG smartphones.

Effectively Manage In-Room TVs

The USB Cloning feature allows you to simply copy the TV settings onto all TVs using a USB stick, a process that is fully automated to save time without having to set each TV one by one.

LG's Free-To-Guest Cost Effective Solution

When using LG televisions in Free-To-Guest hotel installations there are now two options for remote management of TV settings such as virtual channel mapping, cloning of installer menu settings, and other settings:
1. Integrated b-LAN, plus LG's Free-To-Guest Management Appliance (FMA)
2. LG's Pro:Centric server (PCS150R)

Both remote management options avoid having to visit rooms to change television settings, thereby saving labor charges to carry out this work.

Pro:Centric Applications Platform

The LP870H is the latest in the line of Pro:Centric Televisions that provides a unique and dedicated hotel application platform for hosting LG's SI (System Integrator) Partners interactive applications, enabling delivery for a wide range of custom applications tailored
to both hotel management and guest needs.

The LP870H extends the choice of interactive systems available to hoteliers through the introduction of HTML5 support in addition to the current Adobe Flash-Lite and Java support. The LP870H is also a full IPTV platform with built-in IP video decoding supporting both IP and RF connectivity. Leveraging the Pro:Centric IPTV platform enables SI Partners to integrate their STB (Set Top Box) client software directly into the Television, eliminating the need for the additional STB hardware and reducing associated capital and support costs.

The LP870H supports embedded Wi-Fi for streaming of content to the Television or back channel communications.

The LP870H platform also includes remote diagnostic tools for partners to manage their systems and monitor the TV's on the network by the head-end or cloud based server for maintenance and admin purposes. The Wake-on-LAN features allows the TV to communicate in a background mode while the TV is powered off and without disruption to the guest, providing the ability to deliver remote software updates from the head end server.


FREE Interactive Electronic Program Guide Service for Pro:Centric® TVs!

If your property has purchased or plans to purchase LG's Pro:Centric® TVs, you qualify for a free Electronic Program Guide (EPG) that allows guests to easily navigate TV channels and programs - just like they do at home.

Participating properties must purchase and install a Pro:Centric® server and supply an internet connection for daily program updates. Properties must also contract with an LG authorized partner to install and program the server to match your Free-to-Guest (FTG).

FREE program guide service runs until Dec. 2017, replacing the current programming fee of $1.50 per room per month.
Contact your LG sales representative or click on the button below to learn more.



The LP870H is designed for “second screen” support and options includes Wi- Di™, Wi-Fi Direct™ and Smart Mirroring technologies, which are used to pair
guests’ mobile devices with the TV enabling them to share and view their content on the large HD screen.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

Using LG's optional Pro:Centric server, you can remotely manage cloning and channel mapping for TVs in guest rooms without having to visit each room.

EzManager’s auto configuration function makes installation quick and easy. EzManager guides the installer to set up the TV with simple steps without having to set up the menu manually, saving time and cost.


LG's IPTV's support enhanced diagnostics tools, enabling remote monitoring and fault analysis of the TVs and content delivery system via partner's application.

Free-To-Guest Remote Management Devices

Remote management functions also supported via the Pro:Centric server. The Pro:Centric Application software can be remotely added at a later
date to deliver the benefits of LG’s Applications features (Weather, EPG, Billboards...)


LG Pro:Centric® Smart offers SI's the ability to customize and optimize a property’s TVs with interactive IP-based applications including HTML5, Java and Flash programs. With this expansion of control comes the ability to provide premium hotel services without the need for a separate set-top box. Additionally, enhanced connectivity and second-screen sharing are available to the guests with LG Smart TV technology.


LG's commercial grade IPTV's automatically delete guests private logon credentials from embedded applications at power-off and also provides a further level of control for SI partners applications via the HCAP middleware layer to control deletion at guest check-out time.



LG's commercial grade IPTV's automatically delete guests private logon credentials from embedded applications at power-off and also provides a further level of control for SI partners applications via the HCAP middleware layer to control deletion at guest check-out time.


Manages channel line-up changes, channel label changes, designates a startup channel, cloning of commercial installer menu settings, and can set the time/date, and broadcast that information to all the terminals on a regular basis. Also, enables Pro:Idiom tuning for Pro:Idiom encrypted content.



The estimated annual energy cost determined in accordance with 16 CFR Part 305.5 for model
55LP870H , 47LP870H , 42LP870H are $15, $14 and $13.
“Your energy cost depends on your utility rates and use. The estimated cost is based on 11 cents
per kWh and 5 hours of use per day. For more information, visit”1
1FTC Television labeling rule (18 CFR Part 305, as added by 76 Fed. Reg. 1038 (Jan 6, 2011)).

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