Pro:Centric® Smart Slim Direct LED IPTV

42" class (41.92" measured diagonally) Single Tuner with Integrated Pro:Idiom®


  • Pro:Centric® Smart-Smart. Compatible. Customizable
  • Pro:Idiom-Global Leading Digital Rights Management System
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership
  • FREE Interactive Electronic Program Guide Service for Pro:Centric® TVs


Pro:Centric® SMART

The finest and smartest mode of control and customization for Hotel TVs, LG Pro:Centric® Smart offers all the customizable tools needed to optimize a property’s TVs with IP based programs including HTML5, Java and Flash. With this expansion of control comes the ability to provide premium hotel services without the need for a set-top box. Additionally, enhanced connectivity and display sharing are available to the guests with LG Smart TV technology.

Embedded Applications

Embedded Applications enables guest to access a wider variety of content including social media applications. LT777H also includes
full internet web browser for guest to access.

WiFi Built-In

Similar to a smart phone, LG's Pro:Centric smart TVs have WiFi built-in, allowing greater connectivity and access to and from the TV.

Smart Share™

Enjoy and share content stored on your laptop, digital cameras, smart phones and other devices to your TV conveniently and seamlessly.

*Video playback only - content on phones may be played on TV through the Smart Share app on compatible LG smartphones.

The LY750H Pro:Centric Applications Platform

The LY750H is the latest in the line of Pro:Centric Televisions that provides a unique and dedicated hotel data broadcasting platform for hosting of LG's SIs System Integrators interactive applications, enabling delivery for a wide range of custom applications tailored to both hotel management and guest needs.

The LY750H extends the choice of applications available to hoteliers through the introduction of HTML5 support in addition to the current Adobe Flash-Lite and Java support. The LY750H is also a full IPTV platform with built-in IP video decoding supporting both IP and RF connectivity. Leveraging the Pro:Centric IPTV platform may allow system integrators their STB (Set Top Box) client software directly into the Television, eliminating
the need for the additional STB hardware.

The LY750H supports embedded Wi-Fi for streaming of content to the Television or back channel communications.

The LY750H platform includes support tools for the SIs to manage their systems such as remote logging to enable monitoring of the TV's on the network by the head-end or cloud based server for maintenance and admin purposes. The instant on / warm mode features allows the TV to communicate in a background mode while the TV is powered off and without disruption to the guest, providing the ability to deliver remote software updates from the head end server and quick boot-up of embedded applications.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

Using LG's optional Pro:Centric server, you can remotely manage cloning and channel mapping for TVs in patient rooms without having to visit each room.

EzManager’s auto configuration function makes installation quick and easy. EzManager guides the installer to set up the TV with simple steps without having to set up the menu manually, saving time and cost.

Effectively Manage In-Room TVs

The USB Cloning feature allows you to simply copy the TV settings onto all TVs using a USB stick, a process that is fully automated to save time without having to set each TV one by one.

FREE Interactive Electronic Program Guide Service for Pro:Centric® TVs!

If your property has purchased or plans to purchase LG's Pro:Centric® TVs, you qualify for a free Electronic Program Guide (EPG) that allows guests to easily navigate TV channels and programs - just like they do at home.

Participating properties must purchase and install a Pro:Centric® server and supply an internet connection for daily program updates. Properties must also contract with an LG authorized partner to install and program the server to match your Free-to-Guest (FTG).

FREE program guide service runs until Dec. 2017, replacing the current programming fee of $1.50 per room per month.
Contact your LG sales representative or click on the button below to learn more.


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