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23" class (23.0" measured diagonally) IPS LED Backlit Cinema 3D Monitor (FPR 3D technology)


  • TriDef 3D Conversion Software (2D can easily be converted into 3D)
  • 1920 x 1080 Maximum Display Resolution
  • DVI, D-SUB and HDMI Connectivity
  • Flicker free 3D certification from TUV and Intertek


Certified flicker-free 3D

The conventional 3D technology is 3D that is harmful to eyes because of severe flickering. CINEMA 3D has acquired flicker-free certification from TUV and Intertek.

more simple

The CINEMA 3D Monitor is a true 3D monitor! All you need to buy is the CINEMA 3D monitor itself. You can enjoy various 3D contents by connecting various 3D equipments through HDMI interface.


Unlike the conventional 3D technology characterized by severe crosstalks, the CINEMA 3D boasts of low crosstalks. The CINEMA 3D enables you to enjoy high-quality 3D in a desired posture. 2D can easily be converted into 3D, thanks to the software called TriDef 3D.

ultimate 3d brightness

The 3D screen is more than two times brighter compared with the Conventional 3D Monitor and the SUPER Energy Saving function allows less power consumption. The 3D brightness of the conventional 3D monitor is only half of what CINEMA 3D monitor provides. 3D Effect Mode enables the consumers to feel and experience greater depth in 3D.

light glasses

Conventional 3D glasses are approximately three times heavier. Conventional 3D glasses are much more expensive by approximately 10 times. Conventional 3D glasses, which has to be worn over another pair of glasses, makes it very inconvenient.


If you use the Conventional 3D technology, it is like wearing a lump of electron waves on your head because the glasses are what makes the 3D images. Conventional 3D glasses are a troublesome 3D technology that requires battery charging. Conventional 3D technology is a 3D method wherein the viewing preparations are complicated.

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