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Engage your guests with commercial LED TVs that boast a wide range industry-specific features. From hospitality and healthcare TVs to the latest public display televisions, you'll find the B2B technology you need to share your message and entertain your clients.   Learn More

LG's commercial LED TVs boast industry-specific technology designed to enhance your business, help you share your messages, and entertain your guests. Discover just a few of the features available in each of our B2B collections:

Hospitality TVs (Pro:Centric/Pro:Idiom): These business LED TVs feature HD 1080p screens for high-quality images, and offer a unique, dedicated hotel data broadcasting platform for hosting interactive applications that allow you to deliver content tailored to the needs of your hotel management team and your guests. Additionally, they allow you to create custom welcome screens, use USB cloning, offer an energy-saving public display mode, and include a Multi IR function that eliminates the remote control signal interference between TVs in multiple-dwelling rooms.

Healthcare TVs: Our commercial-grade LED TVs for healthcare facilities were designed to meet hospital safety standards – and be convenient for patients and staff to manage. Our USB cloning feature allows you to copy TV settings onto all televisions using a USB stick, while our Pro:Centric applications platform allows healthcare facilities to customize the patient room experience. Additionally, because the televisions are slim and streamlined, they can be mounted in a range of ways for more comfortable viewing.

Public Display TVs: Designed to make your space more engaging and informative, our commercial LED displays boast clean lines and HD resolutions, as well as simple-to-use features created specifically for a public environment. With fast, easy USB cloning, special settings to prevent misuse by customers, and a customizable welcome screen, our LED displays are easy to manage and maintain.

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