SuperSign TV

LG SuperSign TV is an affordable All-in-One display solution. No need to purchase any additional hardware or software. Deliver your messages while broadcasting live channels simultaneously.


Prosumer TVs

LG offers a full complement of television systems and solutions for business.

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Prosumer TVs

LG offers a full complement of television systems and solutions for business. Movies, sports, and shows come through with the vibrancy and detail of High Definition. LG’s commercial televisions also incorporate market specific technologies such as Pro:Idiom® DRM, the Pro:Centric™ interactive platform, USB cloning capability, built-in ATSC/NTSC/QAM Clear tuners, public display settings and HDMI™ inputs. At the forefront of your display solution, LG’s commercial grade televisions are designed enhance any space and heighten the television viewing experience.


Discover a new level of refinement with LG large screen LED televisions.

SuperSign TV

Discover SuperSign TV- The next evolution of LG's award-winning digital signage solution.

LG EzSign TV

The LG EzSign TV is an innovation in digital signage that can entertain while maximizing the impact of your message.

Head-End Systems

Our strong ties with major content providers as well as industry leaders enable us to develop head-end systems specific to the market needs of your business.

Interface / Control Boxes & Cards

LG provides interface cards and control boxes as integral components of head-end systems such as Free-to-Guest, Video-on-Demand, satellite and cable providers.

Wall Mounting Solutions

Simple and intuitive wall mounting solutions for digital signage display setups as well as in-room installations.

Remote Jack Packs

Combining accessibility and convenience, LG offers Auto Sensing Remote Jack Pack models, all-in-one multimedia hubs that provide users with multiple audio/video inputs to interface with the TV and external portable devices.