Mono X Module

High Efficiency Mono X Module Cells: 6 x 10 Module efficiency 16.2% Connector Type:MC4 connector IP67


  • Light and Robust
  • Convenient Installation
  • 100% EL Test Completed
  • The LG Mark of Excellence


Light and Robusticon

With a weight of just 16.8 kg, LG modules are proven to demonstrate outstanding durability against external pressure up to 5400 Pa.

Convenient Installationicon

LG modules are carefully designed to benefit installers by allowing quick and easy installations throughout the carrying, grounding, and connecting stages of modules.

100% EL Test Completedicon

All LG modules pass Electroluminescence inspection. This EL inspection detects cracks and other imperfections unseen by the naked eye.

The LG Mark of Excellenceicon

Customers can rest assure of cutting-edge technology and dependability when they see the LG logo on every cell. The LG logo reflects the high standards that have guided LG for more than 50 years.

Reliable Warrantiesicon

LG stands by its products with the strength of a global corporation and sterling warranty policies. LG offers a 10 year product limited warranty and a 25 year limited linear output warranty.

Positive Power Toleranceicon

LG delivers its products with the world's most rigorous product assurance - a nominal power tolerance starting at 0%

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