Solar Power Exhibition

Annual Solar Power International Exhibition


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2012 SPI

Solar Power International is North America's largest B2B solar event with 24,000 professional attendees from all segments of the solar value chain. It presented by influential solar organizations ( SEPA & SEIA ) in US.

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With a weight of just 16.8 kg. LG modules are proven to demonstrate outstanding durability against external pressure up to 5400 Pa.


The Highlights of the Product

Clamp Guideline Marks
Clamp guideline marked on the frame indicates where the mechanical load can be maximized and also saves your time for measuring.

Fixed Cable
Cable hooks attached on the each side of frame holds the cables stably.

Holding slinging cables stably allows easier installation, easier transporting and cell damaging prevention.

2-way Grounding Holes
You can choose the grounding holes on the rear or on the side depending on your installation setting.

Better Grips & Safety
Corner is re-designed to provide better grips and safety for handling.


High-performance solar modules alone give no assurance of the economic efficiency of a solar power system. Just as decisive is the question of how long the modules do a perfect job.

LG solar modules not only provide very high-performance, they are also outstandingly sturdy and extremely durable, and they look good, too.

LG Solar Mono X

LG Solar Mono X

25 Years linear warranty

LG always stands by its products with sterling warranty policies. The Mono X™ includes a power output warranty of 80.25% for up to 25 years.

LG Solar Mono X

Positive tolerances only

At LG, only positive deviations of up to 3% are tolerated. We do not provide minus tolerances, even if they are only slightly below the specified nominal capacity. This is our guarantee.

LG Solar Mono X

High-performance solar cells

All modules produced by LG are equipped with high-performance solar cells from its own, strictly monitored production facilities. These guarantee a high energy output, meaning that your application should produce higher yields.

LG Solar Mono X

10year product guarantee

process a possible claim, please call our hotline on 08448 471 4029 selecting option 4.

LG Solar Mono X

Ultra-stable frame

The LG Solar module frame can withstand extreme stresses and strains, as a "trampling test" demonstrates. This is partly explained by the fact that the lateral supports, unlike those of many competitors, are screwed and not connected.

LG Solar Mono X

Unique frame design

LG's high level design expertise is reflected in the unique frame design of the modules, which not only look stylish but are also extremely reliable. The frame can be mounted on all four sides, allowing for a better use of space.

LG Solar Mono X

Heavy snow

All LG modules withstand a pressure load of 5,400 pa and therefore can resist heavy snow. They are suitable for high altitudes and areas of heavy snowfall.

LG Solar Mono X

Water drainage

Water is also an enemy of the solar module. Long-term damage can be caused by condensation water freezing in the frame. Our modules ensure the effective drainage of condensation water regardless of whether they are installed in portrait or landscape.

LG Solar Mono X

Individual materials

LG only uses high-quality materials produced by first-class manufacturers. All these components are subject to continuous quality checks, because a solar module is only as good as the quality of its component parts.