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LG QA System

Our Test Procedures     |      Maximum Load Capacity     |      25 Year Commitment

In addition to the quality of a solar module, performance is the decisive factor in assuring the return on your investment in solar energy. By conducting tests that exceed IEC standards, we ensure that our modules satisfy the highest quality criteria upon leaving the production line. You can therefore depend on the performance of our modules to which is attached a comprehensive performance guarantee of 25 years.

Why do we do this? And why can you rely on it? As a global, financially strong company, LG is one of the main market leaders and will also be a reliable partner for its customers over the coming years. Furthermore, by conducting tests that exceed IEC standards, we ensure that our modules are really put through their paces upon leaving the factory.

25 Years Linear Warranty High-Performance Solar Cells Positive Tolerances Only Financially Strong Company 10 Year Product Guarantee

25 Years Linear Warranty

LG always stands by its products with sterling warranty policies. The linear performance warranty guarantees at least 83.6% power output by the end of the 25th year.

High-Performance Solar Cells

All modules produced by LG are equipped with high-performance solar cells from its own, strictly monitored production facilities. These guarantee a high energy output, meaning that your application should produce higher yields.

Positive Tolerances Only

When producing solar modules, the output that a module will generate cannot be precisely determined in advance. This is only ascertained when functional testing is carried out. During subsequent sorting into performance classes, deviations from the nominal capacity such as 260 Wp arise. At LG, only positive deviations of up to 3% are tolerated. We do not provide minus tolerances, even if they are only slightly below the specified nominal capacity. This is our guarantee.

Financially Strong Company

As a global, financially-sound company, LG is your partner for today — and tomorrow. Due to our broad corporate structure, we stand strong in difficult times and are always on hand to support our customers and partners in a highly competitive market.

12 Year Product Guarantee

All of our solar modules come with a full 12-year product guarantee. Should you need to process a possible claim, please call our hotline on 1 855-854-7652.