Large Screen Monitors

42" class (42.0" measured diagonally) IPS Edge LED Full HD Capable Monitor


  • TCO-Total Cost of Ownership
  • IPS-In Plane Switching


42” Class (42.0” measured diagonally) LED Commercial Display

Designed for 24/7 continuous operation, the 42WS50BS-S LED commercial grade monitor displays advertisements, information and broadcast video with Full HD brilliance. Its integrated RJ-45 LAN control enables individual management for multiple displays and eliminates the need for an IP card and an IP Interface box. With landscape, portrait and 5x5 tile mode capabilities, the 42WS50BS-B adapts to your signage needs. Its ultra slim bezel widths of 11.5mm equal on all sides will draw attention to screen images and not the display for impactful messaging.


Display has a built-in temperature control that adjusts to light and heat eliminating dark or blackened areas.


Color changes and distortion are eliminated from any viewing angle. Color change average @ 60°, Gamma change average @ 60°


Minimized image distortion when external pressure is applied.

Narrow & Equal Bezel On All Sides

The slim bezel creates a powerful and impactful video wall that can easily be installed, maintained and managed.

High Picture Quality & Brightness

Clear and vivid picture quality with the deepest black. Consumes approximately 40% less energy the LCD models.

24/7 Operation

The high durability of LG's PD Module allows operation 24 hours a day. It is highly effective and provides continuous performance.

Easy Installation & Maintenance

The MP500, external Media Player, has a slim profile and will help your signage look professional while providing easy accessibility for maintenance.

Easy & Fast Delivery of Content

USB multi-media playback

Smart Energy Saving

Reduce energy consumption by approximately 30%

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