Advancement in mobile technologies has brought wonders to the handsets carried by millions around the world. Over the past decades, LG has been in the forefront of innovations such as LTE technology. Now more than ever, LG is paving the way with exciting new features which enables you to share and connect to the world better, while creating an immersive digital world to dive into.

LTE At Light Speed

LG has been committed to developing cutting edge LTE technologies from the very beginning. Starting from developing the world’s first LTE modem chipset in 2008, LG moved on to showcase blazing speeds in LTE-CDMA at CES 2010, so fast that it was recorded as the fastest in the world. In February of 2011, LG again pioneered LTE technology demonstrating the world’s first video phone call over LTE. Most recently, LG has successfully demonstrated the world’s first voice-to-video conversion over a LTE network at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2012. All of this naturally means that LG holds the most LTE technology related patents in the world. With over 14,000 patents globally, it measures to 23% of all LTE patents in the world. All LG LTE mobile phones are backed by this incredible amount of patented technology that ensures you’ll be carrying the most advanced LTE phone.

So Much HD In The Palm Of Your Hands

True HD IPS is not meant to cram more content into your mobile phone. What it means is ease of viewing web pages, crisp text so you don’t have to squint or enlarge pages, and natural colors that you would expect only to find on the finest of screens. LG’s True HD IPS not only delivers all of this, but more. With resolutions of 1280X720 pixels, you’ll be able view HD movies without loss of quality. 16:9 ratio screens enables distortion-free viewing of your most favorite Hollywood stars. Sharpness is a given with LG’s Stripe RBG technology, which eliminates the white space between pixels found on an AMOLED screen. But curved lines? Smooth beyond your wildest dreams.

3D Simplified

Imagine watching your favorite shows in 3D. Now imagine watching them without those cumbersome 3D glasses. That’s exactly how LG imagined it too, and is why LG now brings you 3D enabled mobile phones without the use of 3D glasses. Take pictures and videos in 3D on your phone and watch them with your friends and family in 3D. Simplicity has been taken to a new level. Accessing 3D content has never been easier. Every 3D mobile phone comes preloaded with three 3D games, while additional titles are just a couple touches away. The 3D game converter converts 2D games to 3D games which maximizes your library of existing titles, and opens a whole new world of rich gaming experiences to be discovered.