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Fully Integrated

Sleek and stylish, gentle and strong, fully-integrated dishwashers from LG deliver superior cleaning results and fit seamlessly into your kitchen’s decor. Discover the various LG integrated dishwashers ? available in black, white and stainless steel.  Learn More

Learn more about integrated dishwashers from LG:

LoDecibel™ Quiet Operation: Operating at as low as 45 decibels with superior insulation makes LG fully-integrated dishwashers some of the quietest in the industry.

TrueSteam™ Generator: Uses a burst of steam that’s gentle enough to clean fragile dishware, yet powerful enough for heavy-duty cleaning.

16 Place-Setting Capacity: Clean more in less time. Our integrated dishwashers clean up to 16 place settings and have flexible storage elements to accommodate a variety of dishes and stemware.

EnergyStar®: LG voluntarily participates in the EnergyStar® labeling program, which recognizes products that run more efficiently to save you money and reduce the impact on the environment. LG fully-integrated dishwashers are not only EnergyStar® rated, but are also 12% more energy efficient and 41% more water efficient than EnergyStar® standards.

Fully Integrated Controls: Tucked away, LG fully-integrated dishwashers keep things sleek, simple, and smart with two exterior LED cycle indicator lights.

Half Wash Mode: This innovative feature on select integrated dishwashers allows you to wash items in either just the top or bottom rack.

Racks: Sturdy and adjustable, our dishwasher racks let you customize each load so you can accommodate larger pots and pans, delicate stemware, and more.

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