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Most shelf space

Most shelf space*

Thanks to an increased capacity and our innovative Slim SpacePlus™ icemaker, you get a massive 31 cu. ft. of shelf space.

Most shelf space

How big is big

Enough room for 51 gallons of milk. With all that space, you can store more of your favorite drinks, snacks, fresh produce and main dishes than ever before.

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cut out the clutter

Thanks to the Slim Space Plus™ feature, the ice system is relocated to the door, making way for more space and an entire top shelf free of obstructions.

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ice System Works

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Cut out the clutter
Slim and smart

Slim and smart

With the slimmest and most effective insulation LG has ever made, you can enjoy expanded refrigerator capacity while maintaining energy efficiency. It fits in the same space as your current 36" model but holds so much more.

23% thinner than before
Slim and smart

Double freezer drawers

This super-capacity 4-door refrigerator has the space to store all your food and the technology to keep it fresh. With an LG 4-Door refrigerator (31 cu. ft.), you get 20% more usable space, and two separate drawers to organize your frozen foods.

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* Compared to LG's standard width French door refrigerators.

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