Laundry Tips
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Ironing Tips


Ironing can take a lot of time and energy, neither of which are in abundance in today's hectic households. So if you want your clothes to have that finished look but don't have the ironing know-how or time, follow these basic ironing tips.

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Ironing actually begins in the washer and dryer

  • Your washer and dryer can work to eliminate wrinkles before you even plug in the iron. Always refer first to specific washing and drying instructions on garment care labels.
  • Wash synthetics made of nylon, polyester and acrylic and washable woolens in hot or warm water using a permanent-press cycle to help remove and reduce wrinkles.
  • Wash bright colors and lightly soiled fabrics in cold water to minimize washer wrinkling (and save hot water).
  • Shake out items taken from the washer before placing them in the dryer to prevent them from balling up and wrinkling.
  • While LG dryers have very large capacity, you should avoid overloading — it prevents proper tumbling, causing clothes to dry slower and wrinkle.
  • Don't over dry clothes — this not only causes them to shrink, but increases static cling. Excessive heat can also set wrinkles.
  • Hang up or fold clothes immediately after removing them from the dryer. If you leave them in a heap, they will wrinkle.

General Ironing tips

  • Do not iron garments that are dirty or stained. The iron's heat can set the stain.
  • Iron items that need lower iron temperatures first, then end with those requiring higher temperatures.
  • Iron clothes, especially those made of cotton, rayon and silk, while they are still damp by removing them from the dryer before they are completely dry. If that's not convenient, dampen dried clothes with a steam iron or sprinkle with warm water. Allow the moisture to permeate the fabric.
  • Keep a damp sponge or spray bottle handy when ironing. If you create a crease, dampen it and then re-iron the area.
  • Iron fabric on the wrong side or use a pressing cloth on the right side to avoid shine marks.
  • Hang newly ironed items immediately. Do not wear or pack them for several hours. Newly ironed garments tend to wrinkle again quickly.
  • Set aside clothing that needs mending when you iron and fix them before they're worn again. This will save more work on ruined garments.