To turn the phone sounds off

If you’re in a place where phone sounds may disturb others, you can quickly silence your phone from the Home screen.

  1. Press and hold the Power/Lock Key until the Phone options menu appears.

  2. Tap the Silent mode icon .


    Only one mode can be selected at a time. The currently activated mode (Silent, Vibration, or Sounds) is underlined in blue. Tap any of the sounds mode icons to switch to that mode.


    Press the down Volume Key on the side of the phone until all sounds are turned off.


You can also use these keys to quickly turn the phone sounds back on. Press and hold the Power/Lock Key , then tap either the Vibrate mode icon or the Sounds mode icon . While in Silent mode, press the up Volume Key once to activate Vibration mode and twice to turn on phone sounds (continue pressing to increase volume).