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  • O ur manners and etiquette are important in our everyday lives, and this extends to how we use our mobile phones, most notably texting.

  • With texting becoming so prevalent, it's crucial for us to understand this medium and its etiquette. Here are some rules for being text-savvy when it comes to text etiquette:

  • As a parent, it's critical to understand texting codes so you can understand the etiquette of texting and how it applies to your children's behavior. Know terms that kids use often like PAL (Parents are listening), A3 (Anyplace, anywhere, anytime), and NN (Not now). To start, you can visit www.LGDTXTR.com for a complete glossary of texting terms.

  • Be cognizant of formatting and style when texting. For example, all caps can be interpreted as rude or as SCREAMING (see what I mean?)

  • The time of day when texts are sent and received is also important. If your child is texting very early in the morning or late at night, it can imply a more intimate relationship, so be aware of this, especially if the sender or recipient is inappropriate.

  • Be safe and know the law. An extremely serious problem referred to as sexting is becoming more prevalent amid teens across the country. Pictures of nude or semi-nude children can be constituted as child pornography, even if the message is sent in jest among close friends. If you, as a parent, observe potentially illegal behavior, you may have a responsibility to notify the police or other law enforcement authorities.

  • Acceptable text etiquette eliminates threats, cruel insults, or other malicious and hurtful messages. This also applies to photos or videos that are sent to larger groups of kids with the intention of humiliating a specific target.

  • With almost all behaviors, kids take cues from their parents. In regard to texting, we need to emulate the proper etiquette that we want our children to embrace. For example, let's not text while walking or driving (which is extremely dangerous), be offensive or use ALL CAPS inappropriately in text messages. Also, try to avoid texting during off-hours (dinnertime, designated family time, or late at night).

  • Let your kids know that you carefully consider your texts before sending them. Teenagers by nature can be impetuous, so encouraging them to think before sending a text can save them a ton of trouble down the line. (See the LG "Give it a Ponder" campaign to learn more: www.giveitaponder.com.)

Filed Under: Text Etiquette

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