Reinventing How You Watch TV

Your first kiss. A baby's first steps. The majesty of a desert sunset. Some things in life defy all explanation and must be experienced to be believed. Such is the case with LG's latest display technologies. With deeper, richer colors, stunning contrast, and ingenious curved screens, it is unlike any technology you've ever seen, and it delivers a picture that exceeds your wildest imagination.

What is OLED?

"OLED is the best screen technology available today" - 2014 Editor's Choice

Unlike traditional, synthetic LEDs (light-emitting diodes), OLED uses an organic substance that glows when an electric current is introduced. This revolutionary material is part of new design approach that drastically reduces the thickness and weight of the TV. The light passes through a combination of filters to reproduce spectacular high-definition images.

Picture Quality

The brilliance of OLED makes previously impossible performance a reality. The ability to switch off individual pixels renders the blacks truly black, creating an "infinite" contrast ratio. Its exquisite, nuanced colors actually exceed the industry's BT.709 standard, for more natural, lifelike reproduction of all content. OLED provides super-clear action and it can all be appreciated from a virtually unlimited viewing angle.

Despite all of these impressive feats, the TV itself is remarkably slim and around half the weight of previous-generation displays. And the self-illuminating OLED screen uses less power than any other display technology.

Ultimate Design

The LG OLED TV, with its graceful curve and barely-there bezel, blends elegantly into any décor. A marvel of engineering, it sports a lightweight carbon fiber rear panel that is more durable than plastic and handles heat better than aluminum, as found in traditional televisions.

OLED Features

Smart is easy to enjoy premium content, both in quantity and quality. With a host of features such as streaming video, social networking and TV apps, the LG OLED TV promises hours of entertainment and interactive fun. Watch your favorite Hulu shows, the hottest Netflix movies, or sit back for a round or two of games. Enjoy some of your favorite pastimes and discover new ones with your LG OLED TV. Get ready for grand entertainment!*