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LG aims for 30% growth to provide 12 million handsets in Europe

LG aims for 30% growth to provide 12 million handsets in Europe

LG aims for 30% growth to provide 12 million handsets in Europe
LG expands its presence with more strategic partnerships in European market

LG Electronics (LG), the world leader in multimedia convergence technology, revealed its business goal and strategy for the European market at the 3GSM World Congress 2006. LG has set its goal to provide 12 million handsets in Europe this year, jumping rank to become the 'European Major Player' in addition to sustaining its leading position in the global handset market.
Since LG started its operation in the GSM market in 2001, the company has experienced rapid growth and has more than doubled its revenue every year. LG accounted for more than 9 million handsets in the European region in 2005. Aiming to achieve a growth rate of approximately 30 percent in the European GSM market, LG has set its goal to deliver approximately 12 million handset units in Europe.

"Europe is one of the most significant regions for LG to focus on. We will strive to introduce handsets with creative designs and unique features, positioning ourselves as one of the most 'want-to-have' mobile brands with our European customers," Mr. Simon Hahm, President of Europe Business Division, LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company, said.

40% increase in UMTS market
LG is focusing heavily on the 3G handset market. Since 2006 is the key year earmarked to transfer from 2.5G to 3G, the company plans to increase the supply of handsets by more than 40% compared to the previous year, reinforcing the product line-up equipped with innovative 3G UMTS (WCDMA) technology.

Partnership Expansion
Leveraging its success with major global operators such as Hutchison, Orange, T-Mobile, O2 and Telefonica, LG is reinforcing its market leadership while conducting various activities to raise corporate brand awareness. Responding to increasing competition among mobile handset manufacturers in the era of multimedia convergence, LG is committed to winning recognition as a reliable partner to customers. Through strengthening relationships with European operators, LG has positioned itself for further business expansion in Europe. LG is expanding its market presence as it started mobile operations in Poland, Romania, Portugal, and Austria in 2005.

While maintaining and developing relationships with global providers, LG is also expanding its efforts to directly communicate with customers. The company is making its efforts to build partnerships with global distributors and key retailers in major markets including UK, Germany and France. The company also reinforces its brand marketing efforts, directly communicating with customers to promptly respond to their needs.

HSDPA and DVB-H is upcoming
LG has been putting its utmost efforts into creating designs and features that best suit the tastes of European consumers. LG's mobile phones in 2006 will be more focused on simple and sleek styles. LG also plans to introduce HSDPA and DVB-H handsets to the European market.

"As the world's best technology leader, LG will continue to make every effort to provide handsets with cutting-edge technology and enhance lifestyles for European customers by providing added value," Mr Hahm said.

Barcelona, Spain