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LG Electronics Participates in CTIA Wireless 2005

LG Electronics Participates in CTIA Wireless 2005

LG Electronics Participates in CTIA Wireless 2005

March 14, 2005, Seoul, Korea: LG Electronics is participating in CTIA Wireless 2005, which takes place in New Orleans, Louisiana, March 14-16 and is pushing to attain the top 3 spot in North America's mobile handset market.

LG Electronics (06657.KS) has prepared a large-scale exhibition booth covering 520 square meters at CTIA Wireless 2005, and is set to showcase its cutting-edge IT devices. Its exhibition products include market-leading models such as 3.5G HSDPA mobile handset, whose first test run was successful in North America, terrestrial and satellite DMB phones, WCDMA phones, 3D game phones, and MP3 player-enabled megapixel came
ra phones, as well as cutting-edge telecommunication devices such as EV-DO phones, EDGE phones, PTT phones, QWERTY messenger phones, which will lead the U.S. market this year.

In North America's largest IT show, which is organized by U.S.CTIA (Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association) and is held in March every year, 500-plus global IT/telecommunications companies such as Nokia, Motorola, Siemens, Microsoft, Intel, and Hewlett-Packard, showcase innovative telecommunications devices including mobile phones.

LG Electronics is poised to deliver a true leader image at CTIA 2005 with its business capabilities in North America's mobile handset market, and customer-oriented, innovative
product manufacturing technologies.

LG Electronics showcases its HSDPA mobile phone, which was successfully test-run in the U.S. following its previous test in Europe, as well as a wide variety of 3G and 3.5G mobile handsets including innovative WCDMA handsets (four models such as LG-U8180), thus intensively promoting its global leading 3G mobile phone player image in North America.

Also, the company introduces to the show the world's first terrestrial DMB phone (model: LG-LT1000), satellite DMB (model: LG-SB100), one million-polygon 3D game phones (models: LG-SV360 and LG-KV3600), MP3 player-equipped megapixel camera phone, and other innovative and market-leading products.

In partic
ular, the company exhibits two kinds of mobile handsets (models: LG-VX8000 and LG-VX8100) for America's first synchronous EV-DO service led by Verizon Wireless, sideway-sliding-out QWERTY messenger phone (model: LG-F9100) to be supplied to U.S. Cingular Wireless, GSM-based 2.75-generation EDGE phone (model: LG-A7110), various PTT (push to talk) phones (models: LG-VX4700, LG-F7200, LG-AX4750, and LG-VX4270), and other market-leading innovative products, targeting the U.S. mobile handset market this year.

LG Electronics will this year first provide a total of 4 to 5 kinds of strategic handsets to U.S.-largest CDMA operator Verizon Wireless to activate the latter's EV-DO service. In its posi
tive response to Cingular's 3.5G HSDPA service envisaged to be launched in the second half of this year, the company is also set to preoccupy North America's next-generation mobile handset market and prepare a foothold to attain the top three spot in North America's mobile handset market by 2006.

Also, LG Electronics is striving to further step up its strategic partnerships with not only existing major operators, but also Alltel and US Cellular in North America, and to conduct aggressive brand marketing campaigns to carry on its strong position built last year in North America's mobile handset market.

Meanwhile, LG Electronics last year seized a 27% share in North America's CDMA service
market, thus taking the top spot for two consecutive years, according to IDC data. It also supplied a total of over 22 million CDMA and GSM phones in North America, consolidating a leading position in this region.

About LG Electronics, Inc.
LG Electronics, Inc. (Korea Stock Exchange: 06657.KS) is a global force in electronics, information and communications products with 2004 annual sales of US $38 billion (consolidated). With more than 66,000 employees working in 76 subsidiaries in 39 countries around the world, LG Electronics is comprised of four main business companies including Mobile Communications, Digital Appliance, Digital Display, Digital Media.

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