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LG Electronics Puts Its Brand Management in Place Worldwide

LG Electronics Puts Its Brand Management in Place Worldwide

LG Electronics Puts Its Brand Management in Place Worldwide

- Head office integrates and manages worldwide brand campaigns, sets the direction for global networks, prevents brand abuses.
- Evaluates and rewards global networks for marketing performance, and provides one 'single voice' for LG brand worldwide
- LG Electronics Russia receives Grand Prize for its excellent marketing activities at the Global Brand Communications Forum Award ceremony

LG Electronics (CEO: S. S. Kim/ has decided to integrate and manage brand campaigns, as well as share its brand strategies at the global level.

LG Electronics invited 180-plus local marketing and PR staff, and agency personnel from 39 nations around the world to its Global Brand Communications Forum held in Seoul COEX InterContinental Hotel, November 22-23, to share its brand strategies and *Brand Communications Guideline (BCG).

Through the event, LG has sought to strengthen its brand management system in head office and global networks, form a close related network between head office and global networks, and between global networks, present the brand campaign direction for each subsidiary, and share and benchmark success cases, thus upgrading its global brand campaigns.

In this regard, LG Electronics last year set BCG and slogan (Life's Good) afresh, and also early this year, it structured its unique integration and management system (LGePR)aimed at managing its global brand campaigns in realtime.

Thus, the company has applied BCG for its head office to evaluate and award marketing activities, share brand strategies and ideas across its organization global networks, monitor corresponding results, and facilitate competition among global networks in different countries, thus upgrading brand marketing campaigns.

Also, LG Electronics has prepared a base to provide a 'single voice' in all its advertising, publicity and events in any region around the world, and maintain consistency in marketing activities in each region.

Meanwhile, LG Electronics has installed Brand Committee comprised of its CEO and other executives designed to make final decisions on brand strategies, and oversee the monitoring of all global brand marketing activities, the establishment of brand strategies, and similar brands and brand damage.

Kim Young-soo, Executive Vice President for LG Electronics' Corporate Communications Team, said, "the company's global public relation's mission is to empower LG brand to take the spot of 'global top 3' player."

He further emphasized that, "the strategies aim to drastically enhance the recognition of and preference for LG Electronics as 'digital convergence' leader, project a strong premium image of LG brand, and boost the image of LG Electronics as a socially responsible corporate citizen through sustained exchanges with regional communities."

He added, "We will conduct brand campaigns to be helpful for marketing campaigns in each region and division. Also, we should focus on and cooperate with regional media and target markets, and conduct communication in the form of combining advertising, event, and PR."

In addition, on November 23, the forum attendees shared advertisements and success PR cases, evaluated these cases, and presented awards in PR, event, and advertisement categories.

In particular, LG Electronics Russia swept grand prizes in three divisions, since its LG Festival was highly evaluated whereby they made a tour of 150 cities to present region-specific concerts, cultural performing arts, and social services, thus promoting LG Electronics as a company geared towards contributing to communities and cultural

Pajiana Shaknes, the PR staff from LG Electronics Russia, said, "I am very delighted that, despite the difficulty business environment, joint efforts by many colleagues of mine have received a good evaluation to penetrate emerging markets aggressively. Henceforward as well, we will endeavor to develop and foster new marketing techniques to fit into
Russian people's tastes."