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2004 Handset Line-Up Provides a Glimpse Into the Future of the

2004 Handset Line-Up Provides a Glimpse Into the Future of the
Wireless Industry

ATLANTA, Mar. 22, 2004  LG Mobile Phones, a leading worldwide provider of communications equipment and solutions, will be in high gear at the CTIA Wireless 2004 show at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta March 22-24, offering attendees a chance to preview its newest and yet-to-be-released mobile handsets that combine the latest wireless technologies, including EVDO and video, with style and innovation.

LG Mobile Phones experienced rapid growth in 2003, highlighted by the release of the LG VX6000 handset, which was first shown at CTIA 2003 and became an instant bestseller and media favorite. LGs share of the mobile handset market steadily increased, culminating in LG winning the top CDMA manufacturer spot for the year 2003 both domestically and globally, according to market research from Strategy Analytics. According to Strategy Analytics data, LG leapt from third in 2002 to first in 2003 with 24 percent of CDMA sell in volume in the U.S., and gained 22 percent of the global CDMA market, ranking them first in both the U.S. and the world.

Building on this recent success in the CDMA market, LG is now poised for their next big step, a growing presence in the GSM space. LG has risen steadily in the ranks of the global GSM market since 2001, and in late 2003 launched their first two GSM handsets for the U.S., the G4050 and G4010 with Cingular Wireless. In early 2004 LG launched an additional GSM handset, the G4011, and announced another new carrier relationship with AT&T Wireless. LG plans to launch multiple new GSM models with advanced capabilities throughout 2004, parlaying their success in the CDMA space into expanding U.S. and global GSM market share.

In addition to demonstrating its upcoming 2004 handset roadmap at CTIA, LG Mobile Phones will be discussing the launch of a new $300 million branding campaign as part of the larger LG Electronics family and how they plan to continue to build on their successes from the past year.

LG will have tremendously high visibility at this years CTIA, said Juno Cho, president of LG Mobile Phones. The introduction of our 2004 handset roadmap will allow the industry to get their first glimpse at the long list of new phones, both CDMA and GSM models, including our first EVDO handset, our first GSM model with integrated camera and a video phone for the U.S., that takes last years camera phones to a whole new level.

LGs presence in Atlanta kicks off with Mobile Focus, a special press-only preview of the latest wireless products and services hosted by Pepcom. The event will be held at the Inforum in downtown Atlanta on Sunday, March 21, at 6:00 p.m.

LG Mobile Phones newly-appointed president, Juno Cho will be the first keynote speaker on Tuesday, March 23 as he looks to the current and future innovations in the wireless industry and LGs plans for mobile phone and home networking convergence. Tuesdays keynote sessions at CTIA will run from 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. in the Thomas Murphy Ballroom.

Fashionistas and wannabes alike can then check out the sleek styles and hot new looks of some of LGs latest handsets at the Fashion In Motion wireless fashion show which will be held several times during each day of the show in MEX Hall B5. Three of LGs upcoming handsets will be prowling the runway along with the latest and greatest in communication technology.

During exhibit hours at the show, attendees can get a close look at all the latest products from LG at the LG booth, #728.

Featured LG handsets at CTIA include:

LG8000: With EVDO technology, the future of mobile phones has arrived ahead of schedule. The new LG8000 EVDO handset is the pinnacle of a visual entertainment handset, enhanced by the high-speed data capabilities of EVDO technology. The 8000 features Video and Music on Demand for streaming, downloading and playing video and audio clips, Video Messaging capabilities and an integrated CCD 1.3 mega pixel camera with ten digital zoom settings for shooting video and still images.

LG7000: The LG7000 embodies all the latest trends in mobile phone technology, taking the camera phone to a new level with video capability and rotating lens. Take up to 15 seconds of video with the 7000 and then send your clip to another phone or email address via the new Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS).

LG5550: The LG5550 mobile phone offers callers the benefit of hands-free use with voice recognition and speakerphone capabilities, along with an internal color LCD screen. An innovative new form factor positions the circular external Organic Electro-Luminescent display (OEL) at the bottom of the handset.

LG5450: The LG5450 combines all the innovative, easy-to-use features that customers have come to expect from LG with the addition of an embedded camera for snapping photos and capturing special moments whenever they happen, wherever they are. The light and compact LG5450 weighs in at less than four ounces and comes in a sleek clamshell design with an external LCD screen for customizable caller ID.

LG1200: Awaken your inner shutterbug with the latest craze in mobile phones, the camera phone. The LG 1200 handset debuts at CTIA, the first GSM handset from LG to feature an integrated VGA camera with digital zoom, resolution adjustment, white balance and color effects adjustments, along with photo caller ID display.

LG5400: The LG 5400 is a lightweight handset for people on the go who need a compact phone but dont want to sacrifice the popular clamshell style. Featuring an internal color screen, external Caller ID LCD screen, Web access and two-way short messaging service (SMS), the 5400 offers all the essential features in a stylish package.

LG5225: Deemed the little black dress of wireless handsets, the LG5225 is considered a wardrobe staple among mobile phones, and for good reason. This sleek and elegant handset boasts an impressive list of up-to-date features and has one of LGs sleekest form factors yet, with a smooth black finish and unobtrusive internal antenna.

LG4600: It can be argued that no one makes a color clamshell phone quite as well as LG Mobile Phones, and the LG4600 is no exception. Featuring an innovative external OEL display, 65K color internal LCD screen and blue, backlit keypad, the 4600 crackles with color.

LG4500: The VX4500 offers the latest in Enhanced Messaging Service (EMS), allowing users to send and receive text messages with photos, graphics and sound. In addition to these advanced messaging capabilities, the VX4500 also features the latest in mobile technology with speaker-independent voice recognition, voice commands and two-way speakerphone technology.

LG4011: The LG4011 features LGs trademark clamshell shape in a sophisticated silver color, sleek, clean design and weighs in at less than three ounces. This GSM handset features generous amounts of talk and standby time, speed dialing, personal organizer and text messaging capabilities, as well as extras including downloadable ringers and games and a built-in Web browser.

LG3200: The LG3200 color handset is a lightweight, sleek mobile phone that serves up a full plate of standard features without sacrificing style. Perfect for those mobile users that want a simple phone without complicated features, but dont want to sacrifice style, this sleek clamshell handset offers all the basics in a well-designed package.

LG1300: LG continues to branch out into the GSM space with the LG1300 handset, combining style and fun in one sleek package. The one-touch Wireless Internet Express button keeps users connected to the world of the Web at the touch of a button, wherever they go, whenever theyre ready.

About LG Mobile Phones

LG Mobile Phones expertise in designing sleek, user-friendly phones has proven wildly successfully in the U.S. market, where the company's market share of all CDMA handsets has exponentially grown in just four years. LG recently claimed 24 percent of the CDMA market share in the U.S. for 2003, ranking LG as the largest manufacturer, according to analysts at Strategy Analytics. LG has recently brought their international success in the GSM market to the U.S., expanding their product lineup to include GSM handsets. LG has plans to increase its market penetration even further with a new branding campaign and an aggressive roadmap of handset launches throughout 2004.

Headquartered in San Diego, Calif., LG Mobile Phones is the North American wireless division of LGE USA, a business unit of LG Electronics of Seoul, Korea. Established in'58 as Korea's pioneer consumer electronics company, LG Electronics is a major global player in electronics, information and communications products. LGE was the first manufacturer to commercialize the CDMA digital mobile communication system with its support of the launch of the SK Telecom Network in Korea.

With annual sales of $29 billion, LGE operates research and development, manufacturing and sales and marketing facilities around the world and employs more than 55,000 individuals in 73 countries. More information can be found at