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LG Singled Out for Subscriber Technology Innovation in 2003 by Peers, Media and Industry Analysts

LG Singled Out for Subscriber Technology Innovation in 2003 by Peers, Media and Industry Analysts

MIAMI (December 9, 2003) -- LG Mobile Phones, the San Diego-based wireless handset division of LG Electronics was selected by the CDMA Development Group (CDG) to receive a 3G CDMA Industry Achievement Award for Subscriber Technology Innovation for 2003 last night in honor of the innovative CDMA2000 devices offered by LG. Award recipients were voted for by CDG members and business and industry media and analysts.

The 3G CDMA Industry Achievement Awards recognize significant contributions by companies and individuals towards the advancement of wireless technology. The awards were presented last night during the cocktail reception at the CDMA Americas
Congress in Miami at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

LG Mobile Phones entered the U.S. mobile handset market in'98, and has since made a name for itself by continually providing consumers with sleek, stylish handsets with the functionality and ease-of-use that they demand.

"We are very proud to have been honored by our peers, colleagues and members of the wireless industry media and analyst communities," said Jae Hoon Bae, president, LG Mobile Phones. "This award is a testament to the innovative and creative talents of the LG Mobile Phones team and their dedication and hard work in making LG a driving force in the industry."

Perry LaForge, executive director, CDG, said, "We congratulate LG Mobile Phones for its continued innovation in offering consumers state-of-the-art CDMA2000 devices. The CDMA community continues to lead the 3G market and we applaud LG Mobile Phones for its commitment to the advancement of 3G CDMA2000."

Setting LG Mobile Phones apart from its competitors are innovations such as the distinctive, signature LG clamshell design, the recent domination in the CDMA market with the introduction of the LG VX6000 phone, the first embedded camera phone with MMS from Verizon Wireless and the first foray into the U. S. GSM market with the launch of the its firs handsets with Cingular Wireless.

About LG Mobile Phones
LG Mobile Phones' expertise in designing sleek, user-friendly phones has proven wildly successfully in the U.S. market, where the company's market share of all CDMA handsets has exponentially grown in just four years. LG has claimed nearly' percent of the CDMA market share in the U.S. for 2002, ranking LG as the third-largest manufacturer, according to analysts at Strategy Analytics. LG has plans to increase its market penetration even further with an aggressive brand campaign and a competitive line of next generation high-speed voice and data mobile phones.

Headquartered in San Diego, Calif., LG Mobile Phones is the North American wireless division of LGE USA, a business unit of LG Electronics of Seoul, Korea. Established in'58 as Korea's pioneer consumer electronics company, LG Electronics is a major global player in electronics, information and communications products. LGE was the first manufacturer to commercialize the CDMA digital mobile communication system with its support of the launch of the SK Telecom Network in Korea.

With annual sales of approximately $16 billion, LGE operates research and development, manufacturing and sales and marketing facilities around the world and employs more than 55,000 individuals in 73 countries. More information can be found at