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LG Unveils Innovative New Mobile Phones at CommunicAsia 2005

LG Electronics strengthens its multimedia entertainment functionsto innovate mobile lifestyle with its futuristic handsets

LG Electronics strengthens its multimedia entertainment functionsto innovate mobile lifestyle with its futuristic handsets

Singapore, June 14, 2005 --- LG Electronics, the world's most innovative handset manufacturer, unveiled its six new feature-rich high-tech mobile phones at CommunicAsia 2005 - the DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting) phone, a new-type slide phone, 5-megapixel camera phones, a 3-D game phone, a real MP3 music phone and a sports car-design phone.

"LG Electronics has made another futuristic proposal to the mobile communications industry with these innovatively designed handsets. With these six models, we continue our efforts to lead and innovate mobile lifestyles for consumers," said Mun-hwa Park, President & CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company.

The six new models are fully equipped with state-of-the-art multimedia functions and design is unprecedented and innovative.
These are the new mobile phones:

DMB phone (SB120)
The mobile broadcasting phone, SB120, enables those on the move to enjoy crystal-clear video, CD-quality audio and satellite-transmitted data.
Contrary to conventional satellite DMB models, users can savor video-on-the-move service with the SB120 through a monitor that pulls back 360 degrees. This model has a 2-megapixel camera
supporting auto focus functions.

Up & down slide phone (LP3900)
The new slide phone, LP3900, has a two-layer display and the upper monitor screen moves both up and down the inner.
Bluetooth technology also makes cordless connections possible.
It supports an AV handset function enabling equalization so that users can enjoy MP3 with real sound.
This model adopts multi-tasking functions so that users can enjoy games, SMS, video/photo shooting and wireless Internet service while listening to MP3 music.

5-megapixel camera phone (LP5500)
The 5-megapixel handset, a super-slim handheld at just 18mm, adopts an innovative Twist & Slim design that features a real digital camera.
It incorporates an auto focus CCD camera and a 2-inch QVGA LCD screen - supporting VGA-level video at 30 fps (frame per second).
Strengthening this camera function is a strobe flash, half-shutter and lens cover.

3-D game phone (SV360 / KV3600)
The first cell phone ever armed with a 1 million polygon/second graphic accelerator chip processes data five times faster than currently available chips and allows users to play games with more minute and realistic 3-D graphics.
The phone is also equipped with acceleration sensors that allow the user to control the game by moving it up and down or left to right, maximizing enjoyment.
The phones are equipped with a 2.2-inch LCD screen, allowing users to play 3-D games with increased screen quality.

Real MP3 music phone (KP4400)
The real MP3 music phone has a multi-tasking feature that allows users to place or receive calls and play games while listening to music.
It has 256MB memory for MP3 and a real 5-band equalizer, allowing it to connect to real audio equipment.

Sports car-design phone (410 series)
The sports car-design phone adopts the shape of a trendy European sports car and incorporates a sensor that conducts a breathalyzer test to measure blood-alcohol level.
410 series adopts a sports car style user interface (UI) design, strengthened multimedia features such as a 1.3 mega-pixel camera, TV remote control functions utilizing IrDA, Video recording and playback, MMS and MP3 functions. The model was designed in cooperation with a popular sports-car company in its Milan Design Center.
In order to emphasize its premium sports car design, 410 series adopts engine sounds in the handset when placing calls.

LG Electronics consolidates its reputation as the technology innovator
with its world-first products
: the world's first PTV (Push-To-View) technology
– multiple users share live video in real time - world's first DMB handset,
world's first diabetes (health care) handset,
world's first synchronous/asynchronous combined 3G handset,
world's slimmest CDMA handset,
world's first IS-95B wireless date handset,
world's first CDMA digital handset and so on.

The company has also been consistently awarded international design recognition such as the IF Design Award, the Reddot Design Award and the Ergonomic Design Award annually since 2001.