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The first thing we would like to help you do is get your LG Blu-ray Player connected to your television so you can start enjoying its many features. Even if you've already connected, you may want to double-check that you have everything set up properly. Just choose the type of connection you will be using below and we'll get you started.



If you have an HDTV or HD monitor with an HDMI port, this is the simplest — and best — way to hook up your new LG Blu-ray Player.

Connect the HDMI jack on the player to the HDMI jack on an HDMI-compatible TV or monitor. You should be all set!


When you connect an HDMI- or DVI-compatible device, make sure of the following:

  • Switch off the HDMI/DVI device and this player. Next, switch on the HDMI/DVI device and wait about 30 seconds, then switch on this player.
  • The connected device's video input is set correctly for this unit.
  • The connected device is compatible with 720x480p, 1280x720p, 1920x1080i or 1920x1080p video input.

Not all HDCP-compatible HDMI or DVI devices will work with this player. If that is the case:

  • The picture will not be displayed properly with a non-HDCP device.
  • This player does not play back and TV screen is changed to black screen.

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Connect your Blu-ray Player to your amplifier via HDMI output:

  • Connect the player's HDMI OUTPUT to the corresponding INPUT on your amplifier using an HDMI cable.
  • If your amplifier has an HDMI OUTPUT, connect that to the HDMI INPUT on your TV using an HDMI cable. (Refer to amplifier's owner's manual.)
  • You will then need to activate the player's digital output.

Wireless internet connection & certain subscriptions required and sold separately. The Magic Motion Remote does not come equipped with all LG Smart TV enabled TVs and a separate purchase may be required. Content and services vary by product and are subject to change without notice.

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There are some initial steps you'll have to take to get connected to your network. This section should answer your questions about installation and bandwidth requirements, but please don't hesitate to contact us if you encounter any issues.

Getting set up with a wireless broadband connection

Follow these step-by-step instructions to enjoy streaming online and other network-enabled features. (Some models may require an additional Wi-Fi accessory in order to connect.)

  1. Select CONNECTION SETTING option in the SETUP menu, then press ENTER.
  2. Read the preparations for the network settings and then press ENTER while START is highlighted.
  3. All available networks will be displayed on the screen. Use UP or DOWN keys to select a desired SSID (network name) and press ENTER. If you have security on your access point, you need to input the security code.
  4. Use UP, DOWN, RIGHT and LEFT keys to select the IP mode between DYNAMIC and STATIC. Select DYNAMIC to allocate an IP address automatically.
  5. Select NEXT and press ENTER to apply network settings. Network connection status is displayed on the screen.
  6. Select OK and press ENTER to complete the network connection.

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Although the minimum required bandwidth to use LG Blu-ray Players is 1.5Mbps, it is recommended that at least 3.0Mbps be available (and 5.0 for HD content). Not sure how much bandwidth you have? Your best bet is to check with your internet service provider (ISP) and request more if you need to increase it.

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