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Watch how the Slim
Space Plus™ Ice
System Works

Enjoy the convenience of water and ice

A good ice maker can make all the difference. You'll find a few tips to ensure your ice maker runs smoothly—how to set it up, how you can make more ice and even a few tidbits on how to maintain it. Choose a section below or simply scroll down to begin.

Optimum Temperature

We all know water freezes at 32°F, or 0°C. Your ice maker has an optimum temperature that will hit the right balance between making ice quickly and using just the right amount of energy.


-4°F (-20°C) is the minimum recommended temperature setting of the freezer compartment for normal ice production.

If your freezer is set at a higher temperature, it will produce ice.

The ice capacity of your ice maker varies by model, but a good rule of thumb is 90 to 150 cubes per day.

Making More Ice

Having an automatic ice maker will make your daily life more convenient. Here are a few tips on how to get the most out of it.

  • Ice-making stops when the bin gets full. If you
    need more ice, empty the ice bin into the extra
    container in the freezer and you are good to go.
  • Sometimes the ice piles up near the top of the ice
    maker, causing it to sense the bin is full and stop
    making ice. Shake the bin to level the ice in it.
  • Regulate the cube size by pressing the Water
    Amount Selection button. More water means
    bigger cubes, which need more time to
    become ice.
  • Lowering the temperature helps to make ice
    more quickly, but also try not to open the
    freezer doors so much.
  • If you think you'll need a lot of ice, turn on the
    ICE PLUS feature. This makes the compressor
    operate nonstop for three hours and increases
    ice production by 20%.

Maintaining Your LG Refrigerator's Ice Maker

Your ice maker has three main components-the dispenser, the freezer and the ice maker itself-that deserve special care. Here are some dos and dont's that will have you enjoying the convenience of ice and water for years to come.