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Whether you're a pro chef or eager amateur, you may be surprised to discover all the impressive features found in your new LG range.


This feature will record, store and recall up to three of your favorite settings. To use:

  1. Press the FAVORITES button once for Bread, twice for Meat, and three times for Chicken. The default temperature will appear and COOK will flash in the display.
  2. If you prefer, the number buttons may be used to change the default temperature.
  3. Press START. The preheat indicator tones will sound 3 times when the oven reaches the programmed temperature.

NOTE: Only the oven temperature can be modified and stored. The category name and cook mode will stay the same.

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This function is designed to cook popular kids' foods such as regular or rising crust pizza, chicken nuggets, French fries, and hamburger patties. To use:

  1. Press the KIDS MEAL button. FROZEN PIZZA REGULAR CRUST will appear in the display.
  2. Press the KIDS MEAL button continuously to scroll through the different settings on the display.


  3. When the display shows the food that you would like to prepare, press the START button.
  4. Press the CLEAR OFF button once the food is done cooking or to cancel.

NOTE: When using this function, there is no need to preheat the oven prior to cooking.

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This function will maintain an oven temperature of 170°F, keeping cooked food warm for serving up to 3 hours after cooking has finished.

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Use this to keep hot cooked foods at serving temperature:

  1. Press the WARMING DRAWER SET/OFF button (near the number buttons). The indicator light will flash. (If no further buttons are pressed within 25 seconds, the display will clear.)
  2. Use the number buttons to set the power level. 1 for LOW, 2 for MEDIUM, and 3 for HIGH.
  3. When the food is ready, or to cancel, press the WARMING DRAWER SET/OFF button.
  • The Warming Drawer will shut off automatically after three hours.
  • Heating cold food in the Warming Drawer is not recommended.
  • All food placed in the Warming Drawer should be covered with a lid or aluminum foil to maintain quality. Do not use plastic wrap to cover food, as plastic may melt onto the drawer and be very difficult to clean.

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Set the PROOF function to maintain a warm oven for rising yeast-leavened products before baking:

  1. Use rack B or C for proofing.
  2. Press the WARM/PROOF button twice. PrF will appear in the display.
  3. Press START.
  4. Press CLEAR OFF when proofing is finished.

Avoid opening the oven door unnecessarily, which may lower the oven temperature and lengthen proofing time. Check bread products early to avoid overproofing.

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This technology enables you to set cooking time and temperature remotely, download your favorite recipes, and it even assists you with your grocery list. Here are some useful Smart ThinQ™ features:

Smart Access: Monitor and control your oven anywhere, anytime with versatile LG Smart ThinQ™ phone apps. GET THE LG SMART RANGE APP

Smart Oven Recipe: Select a recipe from 60 recipes in your Smart ThinQ™ range database and send it directly to your Smart ThinQ™ range to automatically set the precise cooking temperature and time.

Smart Grocery List: Compiling a shopping list is quick and easy, from your Smart ThinQ™ refrigerator straight to your smartphone!

Smart Diagnosis™: If you're having trouble with your appliance, this feature helps you troubleshoot issues quickly and efficiently.*

Smart Grid Ready: Every Smart ThinQ™ appliance helps conserve energy. It is designed to detect when power consumption in your area is at its lowest, so your appliance can operate at lower energy rates.**

Register here to activate all of the smart capabilities available on your SmartThinQ™ appliance.

* SmartDiagnosis™ is designed to supplement existing methods of problem identification and may not be able to troubleshoot all issues.

** Requires that you are receiving your power from a Smart Grid enabled power company. Smart Grids are not available everywhere. May not be compatible with all Smart Grid systems.

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