Control panels may vary

*Features may vary


START/OVEN LOCK: Press to start all oven features. Press and hold the button for 3 seconds to activate/deactivate the Oven Lockout function.

CLEAR OFF: Press and hold the button to cancel ALL oven operations except the clock, timer and warming drawer settings.

OVEN LIGHT: Press to turn the oven light on or off.


CONV.BAKE: Press to select baking with the convection function.

CONV.ROAST: Press to select roasting with the convection function.

BAKE: Press to select the bake function.

BROIL: Press to select the broil function.

WARM/SETTING: Press this button to keep food warm in the oven. Press and hold the button for 3 seconds to change the special settings, like temperature, language etc. (See your product manual for more details.) NOTE: Special settings can only be used if no other function (Bake, Broil, Timer etc.) of the control panel is in use.

PROOF: Press to maintain a warm oven for rising yeast-leavened products before baking.

EASYCLEAN®: Cleans a lightly soiled oven automatically. Refer to “EasyClean” in the Care and Cleaning section of your product manual.

SELF CLEAN: Press to select Self-Cleaning function. See “Using The Self-Cleaning Oven” section in your product manual.


CLOCK: Press before setting the time of day.

COOK TIME: Press this button and then press the number buttons to set the amount of time you want your food to cook. The oven will shut off when the cooking time has run out.

START TIME: Press this button and then press the number buttons to set a delayed start time. The oven will start at the time you set.

TIMER ON/OFF: Press to select or cancel the timer feature.

NUMBER PAD: Use to adjust any function requiring specific input such as the clock, timer, or temperature.


DISPLAY: Shows the time of day, oven temperature, oven cooking or cleaning modes, and the times set for the timer or automatic oven operations.