Step 1.

Sort clothes into loads that can be washed with the same wash cycle. For example, separate dark fabrics from light colors and whites to prevent color transfer and discoloration. Do not wash heavily soiled items with lightly soiled ones.

Step 2.

Check pockets to make sure they're empty. Clips, matches, pens, coins, and keys can damage the washer, and your clothes.

Step 3.

Close zippers, hooks and drawstrings to prevent them from snagging or tangling on other clothes.

Step 4.

Pre-treat heavily stained areas for best results.

Step 5.

Combine large and small items in a load, and always start with the large items–just like packing your bag.

Step 6.

Add the detergent. Open the dispenser drawer and add HE detergent to the main wash compartment. If needed, add bleach and fabric softener in the designated location.

Step 7.

Turn on the washer. Press the ON/OFF button. The lights around the selector knob should illuminate.

Step 8.

Select a cycle.
Use the knob to choose a cycle. The display will show the preset wash/rinse temperature, spin speed, soil level, and all the option settings for that cycle.

Step 9.

Select cycle setting.
Now you can change the settings for the chosen cycle. Simply press the option button(s) to see the additional settings available for each option. Press the button again to cycle through the settings until you find the setting you're looking for. To protect your clothes, not every wash/rinse temperature, spin speed, soil level, or option is available with every cycle.

Step 10.

Select cycle options.
It's time to add additional cycle options. All you have to do is press the button for the chosen option or press OPTION to see more cycle alternatives.

Step 11.

Begin cycle.
Press the START/PAUSE button and cycle will begin. You can pause the cycle at any time by pressing the START/PAUSE button again.

Step 12.

Check cycle time.
Once you close the lid and press the START/PAUSE button, the lid will latch, the washer will calculate the estimated time remaining, and the washer will start. Now that you have your first wash completed, you're ready to enjoy years of clean clothes.