Step 1

Open the LG Smart Laundry & DW app on your smartphone and select Tag On.

Step 2

Select "Tag On Diagnosis."

Step 3

Touch the Tag On logo. When the Tag On screen appears, tap your smartphone on the Tag On icon on the right side of the washer's control panel. If your phone isn't recognized, touch the “?" icon on your app to see more detailed instructions. (Connectivity issues may happen due to the different NFC antenna positions for each smartphone.)

Step 4

Check the diagnosis results and solutions. It shows the diagnosis results on the cycle recently used.

Step 5

Select "Press to Call LG Service" on the Smart Diagnosis Result Screen.

Step 6

1. Press 'Select a Country' to select your country.
2. Press 'Privacy Policy Link' and check the Terms and Conditions of the Use and Privacy Policy.
3. Press 'I accept.'
4. Enter your phone number in the field. Use this phone number when talking to the LG customer service representative for them to find your Smart Diagnosis™ data.
5. Press 'Call' button to send your Smart Diagnosis™ data.
6. When the screen appears as shown on the left, press the call button to connect the LG customer service.