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LG Smart TV delivers streaming entertainment, custom apps, games, and web browsing, direct from your Internet connection to your TV. Experience premium movies and shows from Netflix® and Hulu Plus, videos from YouTube, live sports from, as well as custom versions of your favorite apps designed for LG Smart TV. It's the easiest way to access a world of limitless entertainment. Using Setup Wizard
Connecting the IR Blaster
Audio Amplifier Control Setup
Bandwidth Requirements
Additional Assistance with LG Smart TV


Setup Wizard gets you up and running with easy step-by-step instructions right on your screen. All you need is a few minutes and your Magic Remote to get started.

You can use the guide below, consult your manual or follow along with this instructional video to help you get set up properly.



Ready? Simply press OK on the wheel of the remote to initiate Setup Wizard, and follow these easy steps.

Click on the pointer wake-up button on the remote to pair your Magic Remote with your TV. You’ll see ‘Registering new Magic Remote’ and then ‘Magic Remote has been registered’ when the remote has been successfully paired. Registering your remote.

  • 1. Select your TV environment. ‘HOME’ is probably best suited for just about everyone.
  • 2. Select the proper time zone.
  • 3. If your TV is a Smart TV, choose how you want to connect to the Internet: through a wired or wireless network.
    • To connect to a wired network with a network cable, simply plug a LAN cable to the back of the TV.
    • To connect to your wireless home network, simply select the name of your network. You’ll be asked to enter your password, then click OK to connect to your wireless network.

Now, we’re ready to set up your TV service. To start, indicate the appropriate service category…for the majority of owners, it’s Option A…having cable, satellite or other TV service with a set-top box. Click next and choose your video input, and then your Line Up Provider based on your ZIP code. Finally, select the manufacturer of you set-top device, and you’re done!

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Connecting the IR Blaster

Next, you’ll set up the infrared blaster blaster, a cable with sensors that’s included with your TV. In case you’re not familiar with the role of an IR Blaster, it lets you control channels and audio options with just your Magic Remote.

Connecting to Your Set-Top Box
  • Connect the IR Blaster Cable to the TV, as seen in the image above, and place the transmitter in front of the Audio amplifier.
  • Go to Home > All Apps > Settings > Video input > Add device manually.
  • Select a device and ‘Next’. The TV signal playing is displayed.
  • Select your device type.
  • Select the manufacturer of the selected device.
  • Check if the IR Blaster is firmly plugged into the IR Blaster port and is placed near the remote sensor of your device and select ‘Next’.
  • Select ‘Send POWER’ to test the code. If the code is not matched, select ‘No, try next code’ to find the corresponding code. If the code is matched, select ‘Yes’. (If your ZIP code is not correct, change the ZIP code by selecting Change ZIP code.) Select ‘Done.’ Your device is registered.

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Audio Amplifier Control Setup

This step allows your Magic Remote to control a full array of audio devices, such as a home theater system and soundbar.

  • Select the brand of your audio device.
  • Next you’ll need to identify the product code that will connect your audio equipment with the IR Blaster.
    NOTE: If you can change the volume by pressing volume up/down on the Magic Remote, then the correct IR blaster code has been selected and you can proceed to the next step. If you can’t adjust the volume, click on ‘No, try next code’ to access the next code until you are able to successfully change the volume.
  • Once you have identified the correct code, select ‘Yes’. Your device is registered.
  • Now, press Fn + 5 to test the code. And select ‘Next’.
  • Select the default output between Audio amplifier and TV speakers. And Select ‘Done’. The setting is finished.

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Although the minimum required bandwidth to use LG Smart TV is 1.5Mbps, it is recommended that at least 3.0Mbps be available (and 5.0 for HD content). Not sure how much bandwidth you have? Your best bet is to check with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and request more if you need to increase it.

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Still have some questions about Smart TV in general or DLNA setup? The links below should help. Also, please don't hesitate to contact us if something isn't clear or you are experiencing any issues.

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