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Advanced LG TV Features

There's much more to your television than you might expect.
It's loaded with innovations that are made to enhance your
viewing experience and eliminate any potential barriers to
your enjoyment. Whether it's making sports more clear,
pictures more vibrant, or screens more resilient, find out
what your LG TV is capable of.

TruMotion for fast-action (LED and LCD only)
LED Local Dimming (LED only)
ISM—Image Sticking Minimization (Plasma only)

TruMotion for fast-action
(LED and LCD only)

In some LCD and LED televisions, people notice slight blurring during fast-action programming like sports. In order to make sure that you get crystal-clear, fast-paced entertainment, we offer the TruMotion setting. TruMotion increases the refresh rate of your television so it can keep up with faster programming to virtually eliminate motion blur.


To use TruMotion, you simply need to select MENU, then PICTURE, and then TRUMOTION on your remote. From there, you can you select the level of blur reduction to get your picture just right.

LED Local Dimming (LED only)

Everyone loves dark, thrilling scenes in movies, but no one likes squinting to see them. If you want to get the best picture for darker entertainment, consider turning on LED Local Dimming. It will automatically adjust the backlight of your LED television to improve contrast and color. Spooky gets the special treatment with this function.


To use LED Local Dimming, select MENU, then PICTURE, and then turn LED LOCAL DIMMING to ON. It will take it from there.

(ism)—Image Sticking
Minimization (plasma only)

One potential issue for plasma televisions is that when a frozen picture stays on screen for a prolonged period of time, there is the potential for ghosting to occur—you can still see outlines of an image even after that image has changed. For many LG Plasma TVs, this may never occur. Even so, if you are worried about it, you can use Image Sticking Minimization (ISM) to prevent it.


To use ISM, select MENU and then OPTION. Now select ISM. You will have four choices. To prevent ghosting, you should select ORBITER. This will move the image slightly every 2 minutes to keep it from producing a ghost image. That said, you should never allow a static image to remain on your plasma screen for too long, just to be safe.